2014 Readers Choice Awards

The role that technology plays in our everyday lives has increased dramatically over the last decade, and this publication and our Readers Choice Awards have chronicled many of these changes.

From integrated tax and workflow management processes, to digital documentation, client collaboration and even older terms such as the “paperless office,” professionals must stay aware of potentially beneficial technologies and best workflow practices in order to stay competitive in the tax and public accounting space.

See this year's Readers Choice Awards winners.

Among notable changes in this year’s Awards are the broad adoption of cloud services for virtually every aspect of client services and firm management, continuing growth in the use of tablets and non-traditional mobile devices, and enhanced workflow management systems that help firms operate more efficiently and productively.

The Awards are the results of the votes of our readers, allowing them to shine a spotlight on the products and services they use in their firms, whether for direct client work or for firm management, as well as some of the personal and general technologies they use in their daily lives

We would like to say thank you to the more than 4,000 tax and accounting professionals who voted in this year’s Awards.

See this year's Readers Choice Awards winners.