Payroll Dos and Don'ts - February 2017


o   Review IRS guidance on filing and document prep deadlines (

o   During filing season client meetings, review 2016 payroll data and employee classifications

o   Prepare your clients for 2017 federal and state tax changes (

o   Monitor employee and wage regulation changes that may affect clients

Do Not:

o   Ignore client payroll opportunities during tax time – in-person and high-touch client meetings in the spring can uncover new service opportunities that create recurring revenues all year long

o   Pass over non-business clients, who may have household employees or side businesses that require payroll tax consideration

o   Allow clients to knowingly misclassify employees

o   Miss the chance to do an account review and set goals with each and every payroll client

o   Hesitate to ask for client referrals during every client engagement this month, whether it be in-person, via your email signature, or through a concerted referral campaign