8 Key Elements of a Successful Payroll Practice - Free eBook

Payroll can be a highly profitable service where accountants can make thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Thanks to cloud-based payroll processing, accountants can now automate and profit from an offering that once was available only to large service bureaus. With our Payroll Relief solution, AccountantsWorld has helped thousands of accountants deliver payroll services to their clients. Based on our experience, we’ve detailed eight elements that will create a highly successful and profitable payroll service for your practice.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Essential features and benefits to look for in a payroll processing software solution– and where many solutions miss the mark.|

  • What automation really means for payroll processing, and why your level of automation will determine your level of profitability.

  • How to calculate the true processing cost of a payroll system.

  • Seven processes that can ensure – or hinder – the success of your payroll service.

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