QuickBooks Online Bundles is One More Reason to Move to the Cloud

Tracking sales and inventory just got a lot simpler with QuickBooks Online Bundles. Bundles are a collection of products and services with a designated quantity for each item that goes into the bundle. This feature might sound familiar to QuickBooks Desktop users – and that’s because it works very similar to Group Items in QuickBooks Desktop. Until now, it was also a feature that was missing in QuickBooks Online. Now, with QuickBooks Online Bundles, customers who repeatedly use the same set of products or services on sales forms can group them together for simpler transactions. And, that might be just what QuickBooks Desktop users need to transition to the cloud.

“At Intuit, we are always listening very closely to our customers, and we found that bundles was a top feature request from our customers, accountants and QuickBooks Desktop customers who are considering moving to QuickBooks Online,” said Rafal Bolinski, principal software engineer at Intuit.

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The new bundles feature allows users to populate common sales forms, such as sales receipts, invoices and credit memos, faster while avoiding entry errors. Previously, users had to select each item that would be a part of the bundle whenever filling out a sales form. This increased not only time spent doing manual entry, but also the risk of selecting the wrong items. Now, they can simply select the correct bundle and all the corresponding information is automatically populated onto the sales form. Once a bundle has been set up, users can choose if individual items within the bundle are shown on the sales forms. For example, if a user wanted to create a gift basket consisting of one piece of dark chocolate, two bottles of wine and three cookies, they can create a bundle of these items to sell to their customers. QuickBooks Online Bundles will then automatically adjust the inventory quantities for each individual items in the bundle.

“When customers use our bundles, we’re able to save them and their accountants time. By grouping products and services into a single entity, bundles can automate the tedious process of adding multiple items to every invoice and ensuring that no entry is left out. Ultimately, this speeds up their workflow and gives accounting professionals more time to focus on their roles as trusted advisors, as they’re spending less time tracking invoices and commissions,” said Bolinski.

By rolling out new features, such as bundles, QuickBooks Online helps accountants take their practice to the next level as a Firm of the Future because it constantly frees them up to spend more time concentrating on their clients’ unique pain points and business needs. Bundles provides accountants with a way to group different items together into a package to save time completing sales forms. Users can then customize what goes into different bundles, creating endless applications, from tracking both a sale and vendor commissions for that sale at the same time, to packaging multiple tax services for each client to close out the fiscal year.

“At Intuit, we want to help accounting professionals become better strategic advisors to help their small business clients succeed. As part of this, we are dedicated to arming our users with the best tools to become trusted advisors and grow their practices into Firms of the Future. By introducing bundles to QuickBooks Online, we’ve helped accountants reduce their time spent on data entry and effectively increased their bandwidth to focus on their roles as advisors to their clients,” said Bolinski.

“I’ve used QuickBooks Desktop Group Items for years to easily track commissions paid to 1099 Contractors, [such as] an independent sales rep [or] non-employee vendor, and have long lamented the fact that this wasn’t a feature in QuickBooks Online. That’s all changed. I am ridiculously excited to see that we now have [bundles] in QuickBooks Online. They’re pretty fabulous,” said Stacy Kildal, founder of Kildal Services LLC.

While QuickBooks Online Bundles is currently available only to a small customer base, the adoption among those customers is steadily growing. As Intuit continues to roll out the service to more clients and receive additional feedback, users can expect to see more features added soon.

“We’re always evolving our technology to meet client expectations and bundles is just another way to add value to our customers,” said Bolinski. “The service itself is very easy to set up, and once our customers start using bundles for themselves, they will see how much quicker it is to perform tasks, such as creating an invoice.”

Intuit is rolling out bundles in stages to current QuickBooks Essentials and Plus customers. QuickBooks Online Bundles can be found by going to the Company Gear Icon, selecting Products and Services, clicking the “NEW” button, and choosing bundle from the drop down menu. Anyone interested in trying out QuickBooks Online Bundles can go to quickbooks.intuit.com to start a free 30-day trial of QuickBooks Online.