CPA Practice Advisor

April/May 2010

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Intuit Finally Endorses QuickBooks Hosting

CES 2010: Tools and Technologies to Watch

2010 Review of Professional Tax Systems (Advanced Workflow)

The Sage Peachtree Perspective

Five Basics For Backing Up Client Data

Short Attention Span Theater: Popular Websites for the Accounting Community

How to Get Great Reporting

Client Portals: Gateway to the Future

2010 Review of Small Business Accounting Systems (On-Premise products)

Seven, Schmeven: What’s the Big Deal?

If You Want to Share, You Must Prepare!

Business Continuity Planning

A Firm on the Move — Looking Closely at 'Thought Leadership'

Scared Yet About Hackers?

Where Does Data Go To Die?

The Emperor of Enlightenment

2010 Review of Professional Tax Systems (Traditional Workflow)