Neat Adds Integration with QuickBooks Desktop

Document and expense management software maker Neat has announced its latest integration with the premier accounting solution, Intuit’s QuickBooks Desktop. Integrating Neat’s extensive financial document capabilities with the advanced and reliable features of QuickBooks Desktop will give millions of users the power to improve accounting workflows for their small business or the business of their clients.

Neat’s integration with QuickBooks Desktop is a universal solution with the flexibility to cater to the specific needs of different industries. Regardless of company offering, Neat with QuickBooks Desktop allows small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers to:

  • Process reimbursable expenses
  • Reduce time spent managing invoices for accounts receivable
  • Keep accounts payable well managed and organized
  • Prepare for tax filings and mount a defense in the event of an audit
  • Manage budgets and produce spending reports for analysis

“Document storage and retention have always been and will continue to be a pillar of Neat’s offering for small businesses,” said Neat’s President, Michael Crincoli.  “But, we recognized that a real need for our customers was to integrate Neat’s capabilities with QuickBooks Desktop, expanding our ecosystem of accounting and business software. For loyal QuickBooks Desktop users, it’s an opportunity to incorporate Neat’s document and expense management software into their operations, streamline their accounting workflows and get to what matters most.”

Neat has always prioritized the needs of small businesses by making every day time-consuming tasks easier and faster, allowing owners to save money by running their operations more efficiently. By eliminating manual data entry of all types of financial documents, speeding the categorization and assignment of crucial financial information, and mapping, syncing and integrating that information with top-tier accounting and business software, Neat continues to deliver seamless solutions to its small business users. With the new QuickBooks Desktop integration, Neat makes it easier for accountants and bookkeepers to work with their clients and provides small businesses with a more efficient in-house solution for their financial management and document retention processes.