Colombia is the Fastest Growing Country for IT and Digital Services in the Latin American Region

The Colombian Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (MinTIC) and ProColombia showcased the country’s advances in connectivity, digital content and IT during eMerge Americas, a two-day technology conference in Miami. The country had a stand where 26 Colombian digital entrepreneurs were able to meet with buyers and investors from all over the world, as well as network with other participants.

Colombia took the center stage during Sali Dani’s presentation on the morning of Monday, June 12. Dani, Vice President of Sourcing of Everest Group, presented the findings of the latest research of Everest Group regarding Colombia’s value proposition for digital services. The independent study concluded that Colombia is the fastest growing country for IT and digital services in the Latin American region.

“Colombia has one of the strongest propositions for global IT delivery in the region. It has one of the lowest delivery costs for Latin America and one of the largest IT graduate talent pools available,” said Dani when presenting the data. “However, unlike other countries with those same advantages, such as India or the Philippines, Colombia has cultural affinity and time proximity with the United States. And to top all that, strong government support.”

Dani also remarked that Colombia, being the third largest economy in the region, has the fastest growing domestic demand for digital services, anticipating the growth rates to be sustainable. He concluded his speech by noting that the country has been consistently rated by internationally certified companies as the upcoming location in the world for IT and digital services.

Later during the day, Vice Minister Rozo took part in a panel to discuss how Medellin has embraced technological changes as part of their innovation policies. Participants included Sergio Escobar, Executive Director of the International Cooperation Agency of Medellin; Elkin Echeverry, Vice President of Planning and Business Development at Ruta N, Medellin’s own incubator; Gabriel Mesa, CEO of the Health Insurance Company SURA E.P.S; and moderator Rodrigo Arboleda, CEO and co-Founder of Fastrack Institute, a nonprofit that accelerates technology.

The discussion explored how the Colombian government, Medellin local authorities, and the private sector have come together to transform the city into one of the most dynamic and innovative of the region.

“Colombia is shifting from an extractive economy to a digital one. We want to move forward, beyond a consumer based Internet to a production based Internet; stop using the Internet as just a source of entertainment and start producing apps, technology and digital services,” said Rozo. 

Vice Minister Rozo emphasized the commitment of the national government to take all steps necessary to position Colombia as the main technology hub in Latin America.