SMBs Can Now Send International Wire Transfers From Within QuickBooks Online

Veem, a company that makes global payments simple for small businesses, has announced a new integration with QuickBooks Online to help small business users and accounting professionals streamline the process of making international payments.

The integration will allow users to automatically sync vendor bills in QuickBooks with Veem for international wire transfers, saving time and money while enabling users to maintain supplier relationships and focus on growing their businesses.

"The Veem platform is an essential tool for any small and medium business paying international vendors. Connecting Veem International Payment Platform with QuickBooks Online is an essential feature that will simplify international payments further by eliminating double entries and possible human errors.” Commented Sherill Saxer, President of Dolphan Enterprises, an accounting firm specializing in helping small businesses and long time user of Veem and QuickBooks Online.

The integration allows QuickBooks Online users to seamlessly pay international bills through the familiar QuickBooks platform with an automated system. When users enter their bills into QuickBooks, the payment is automatically sent to the Veem platform, which supports multi-currency payments, where the currency is converted and delivered in the appropriate form. The QuickBooks user is able to see exchange rates as well as currency and transaction identification information for easy reporting and coordination with their accountant.

“Part of Veem’s mission is to support the network of small businesses that help prop up the global economy,”said Marwan Forzley, CEO and founder, Veem. “QuickBooks’ network of accountants and financial professionals represent many of these small businesses, and we look forward to leveraging that network for distribution so we can continue to bolster small businesses across the globe.”

Veem’s QuickBooks Online integration is especially important for small businesses sending regular international supplier payments. The integration offers the following benefits for users:

  • Online multicurrency payments
  • Payment tracking and reconciliation
  • Payment progress tracking in QuickBooks Online
  • Free international payments
  • Competitive exchange rates

Veem’s QuickBooks Online integration is available now and free to use for current Veem customers. Learn more about the QuickBooks integration