Accounting Firm K-Coe Isom Acquires Baer & Co.

The Missouri-based CPA firm Baer & Co. has been acquired by K·Coe Isom, the a national business consulting and accounting firm specializing in food and agriculture. Jeff Baer and Dana Steffens will join as principals of K·Coe Isom, and all 23 Baer staff are now K·Coe Isom employees. Baer's Jackson and Columbia, Missouri, office locations will also be retained.

“Baer & Co people instantly felt like a natural fit within our team, and we saw and felt this even more when we were all together two weeks ago. We have a shared passion for helping people, especially ag producers, beverage distributors, and contractors,” said Jeff Wald, K·Coe Isom’s CEO. “Jeff Baer is a dynamic leader proven to think out of the box and committed to growth. He’s built a great team and we’re truly happy for them to become part of our firm.”

Baer & Co was originally founded in 1995 by Jeff Baer and three employees. Through mostly organic growth and eventually an acquisition of a Columbia, Missouri firm in 2009, Baer & Co has become the firm it is today.

“I’ve always been growth focused,” says Baer. “About a year ago, I started appreciating how integrating with like-minded K·Coe Isom permitted us to be so much better together. It’s a pleasure to now be able to bring rich specialty service offerings to our clients such as estate, succession, sustainability and farm program services. I’m also eager to meet and work with many more businesses in Missouri and surrounding states having our larger K·Coe team helping to fulfill business-owners’ financial needs and growth dreams. This is a tremendous opportunity to make an even more positive impact.”