Chrome River and Lyft Announce Expense Integration

Chrome River Technologies, Inc., a provider of expense and invoice management solutions, has launched a new automatic receipt forwarding system for Lyft passengers using a business profile. 

Chrome River users will first need a Lyft business profile, which anyone can create by adding a work email address in the Lyft app or online. Once the business profile is enabled, users simply select Chrome River as their expense management provider within the account settings. Lyft will then automatically send receipts from rides taken under the user’s business profile account, to their Chrome River EXPENSE account, without the need for any additional input. Chrome River then converts this data into an expense item, ready for submission.

Companies can sign up for a free Lyft for Business account and invite their employees to take advantage of the integration, as well as offering options for payment of employees’ rides.

“At Chrome River, we have a focus to make expense management as hassle-free as possible for business travelers, and with this integration with Lyft, we move a step further toward this goal,” said Alan Rich, CEO of Chrome River. “The ability for Lyft riders to create expense report items as soon as the trip is over, without having to manually upload receipts to their expense account, is yet another way that Chrome River enables peace of mind for the business traveler.”

“We’re excited to partner with Chrome River to offer our valued business customers an effortless way for them to expense their Lyft rides,” said Kamil Rodoper, Head of Enterprise Product at Lyft.

An overview of how Chrome River users can sign up for Lyft and automate their ride expenses can be found on Chrome River’s blog.