AccuFund Introduces Work Orders Module

AccuFund, Inc., a provider of financial reporting and accounting software for nonprofit, municipal and government organizations, has released the new Work Orders module. Work Orders is available as a mobile application for iPads and Android tablet devices and as a standard module in the AccuFund Accounting Suite. Work Orders provides municipalities, state governments and nonprofit agencies, including their internal departments, with the ability to create and update work orders for customer or constituent maintenance and repairs.

All types of work orders can be created, such as building repairs, street repairs, and vehicle, computer or general equipment maintenance. Work orders can be attributed to specific departments and stored securely so only that department can see their work orders.

Work orders can be linked to any one of four sources:

  • Service locations for a utility such as the water department, etc.,
  • Addresses in the AccuFund Property Tax module for inspections, etc.,
  • General addresses such as the corner of West and Main for citizen requests, and
  • Fixed assets for maintenance purposes.

Resources or a specific crew of employees can be assigned to each work order, with one person identified as the crew leader. Fixed assets can be assigned to the specific crew member(s) using them or the entire crew. Meters can also be assigned in a utility billing scenario.

Mobile Work Orders, the Work Orders mobile app, is accessed by crew members or other employees on Android or iPad tablets.  With Mobile Work Orders, users can download their work assignments each day to their tablet device by using their assigned security credentials. Then they will have their work assignments with them and can view and update the details at any time right from the job site. Any updates made in Mobile Work Orders will be uploaded to the Work Orders module in AccuFund as long as there is a wireless network available or the user has a cell-enabled device.

Mobile Work Orders closely resembles and contains all of the features of the Window-based Work Orders module, but it is optimized for mobile responsiveness and touch screen ease-of-use.

"Municipalities, special districts, housing authorities, economic development agencies, and any large organization with a maintenance team or IT services department would find Work Orders valuable for coordinating the numerous types of jobs they may have with differing start times and statuses," said Peter Stam, president of AccuFund, Inc. "Mobile Work Orders adds flexibility for these organizations, especially those that have a large physical plant and need the ability to track numerous ongoing service requests, both internal and external."

Work Orders integrates with the AccuFund Utility Billing module for invoicing customers on work related utilities provided by a city (e.g. water and sewer), and it integrates with the Property Tax module for locating and tying Work Orders to properties and addresses in a municipality that receive property tax billing.