BDO Partners with AI Firm MindBridge for Audit

The national accounting and business services firm BDO USA, LLP and MindBridge Analytics Inc., have formed a strategic relationship augmenting BDO’s existing data analytics and global forensics capabilities through the use of the MindBridge Artificial Intelligence platform. MindBridge’s AI technology enables organizations to analyze various types of transactions and detect anomalous patterns of activity. 

“The MindBridge Ai Auditor enables our team to pinpoint unusual transactions and enhances the thoroughness and precision of our analytics,” said Kirstie Tiernan, managing director in BDO’s Technology and Business Transformation Services practice. “Investigations that have historically involved months of combing through millions of transaction samples are now much more comprehensive—yet more narrowly focused—and can be concentrated in just hours.”

“Our relationship with MindBridge is a continuation of BDO’s commitment to helping our clients cost-effectively mitigate their risk of financial loss and reduce corporate liability in a time when data volumes are exploding,” said Stephanie Giammarco, BDO partner and head of the Technology and Business Transformation Services practice. “By leveraging the intelligence derived from the platform, we are able to accelerate findings and ultimately, case resolution, resulting in significant cost savings for clients.”

The strategic relationship between MindBridge and BDO positions BDO at the forefront of global investigation services.

“We are very pleased to add BDO, a highly-regarded, global professional services organization, to our growing list of service providers adopting MindBridge’s artificial intelligence technology to serve their clients more effectively,” said Eli Fathi, MindBridge CEO. “We look forward to further advancing our relationship with BDO and enhancing the value delivered to their customers.”