Finch Accounting Firm Sees 50% Year Over Year Growth for the Past 24 Months

By combining the old school accounting standards of honesty, integrity, and responsibility with the cultural vibe of the high-tech start-up economy, Finch and Company is pleased to announce that it has grown by more than 50 percent since January 2017.

Founded by Corey Johnson and Jonathan Pittard in 2015, the firm now has three offices in southern California and dozens of churches, charities, and private businesses as clients.

"Were dedicated to combining our old-line skills with our new-line attitude and technologies," Pittard said, noting Finchs internally created, incredibly efficient ultra-safe cloud-based apps allow the firm to best manage every aspect of its clients finances. "We work with a number of start-up firms and our combination of skills really resonates with that client base."

Unlike other firms, Finch does not "nickel and dime" its clients - instead offering (depending upon the firms needs) flat monthly fees to meet the requirements of each and every organization.

"Since its our job to watch your nickels and dimes, we should not be nickel and diming you," Pittard said.

Like other firms, Finch adheres to the most stringent accounting standards and is able to advise its clients on practically every financial aspect of their organization. Unlike other firms, Finch has a very different take on the entire accounting experience and (outside of the books) has a very playful feel.

"We have an open office environment and, personally, I think the Monty Python jokes about accountants in matching bowler hats and carrying identical umbrellas are hysterical," Pittard said. "That being said, our accounting, tax, and payroll services are unimpeachable - just do not expect me to be wearing a tie - let alone a bowler hat - when we meet."

The Finch team has decades of accounting experience and an absolute dedication to helping each and every client create the success they seek.


"With our innovative technology, our pricing structure, our experience, and our attitude we can be there for any client possible," Pittard said. "And at the end of the day, thats what counts."


Finch and Company, founded in 2015, has three southern California offices staffed by an extraordinary team of accountants, and is able to meet any organizations financial tracking and reporting needs. For more information, please visit (yes thats dot co not dot com - thats how modern we are)