NvoicePay Partners with Viewpoint for Construction Office Payment Automation

Viewpoint has announced a partnership with Nvoicepay, a provider of payment automation software for the enterprise. Both companies are focused on bringing innovation to the construction industry and delivering immediate and measurable customer value.

“We’re very excited to partner with Nvoicepay,” said Viewpoint Chairman and CEO Manolis Kotzabasakis. “They’re an innovative tech company that’s laser focused on transforming how customers manage their payment process. We know how time consuming and complex our customers’ accounts payable processes can be. Integrating with Nvoicepay will simplify the payment process to a single click. These innovations are how we continue to transform the construction industry with cutting edge technology.”

Nvoicepay, providing electronic payments for the enterprise since 2009, offers strategic cloud-based payment automation solutions that go beyond simply reducing costs. The company’s innovative solutions enable customers to pay 100 percent of their invoices electronically – customers will be able to simply select invoices for payment in Vista and Nvoicepay optimizes payments to pay suppliers in the most cost-effective method.

Unlike bank ePayment offerings, Nvoicepay continuously enables suppliers for electronic payment and maintains supplier information as it changes over time, relieving accounting personnel from this burden and ensuring accounting teams can pay all of their suppliers electronically.

“We are proud to partner with Viewpoint. It’s exciting to have a partner that is as passionate as we are about transforming processes, companies, and even entire industries through technology. Our solutions change the incredible effort that often goes into paying suppliers into a simple automated flow and we immediately reduce accounts payable costs by 75 percent. The ROI along with the simplicity and efficiency of the process really speaks for itself,” said Nvoicepay CEO and founder Karla Friede.

Initial integration is expected in the coming weeks with full integration available in the Spring of 2018.