HD Vest Partners with Drake for New Client Service Options for Tax Pros

Wealth management and investment services provider HD Vest Financial Services has launched a new option to offer its financial advisor support model to Drake Software's tax software users.

HD Vest's efforts with Drake, a leading provider of professional tax software known for best-in-class customer support, will create a more seamless experience for their more than 1,000 shared tax professionals and financial advisors, and encourage the rest of Drake's 50,000+ tax software users to explore tax-focused financial services as a way to expand their practice.

"We are focused on building out innovative solutions that enable our advisors and tax professionals to provide holistic wealth management for their clients. Working with Drake to offer these solutions to their clients demonstrates our commitment to this goal," said Bob Oros, CEO of HD Vest Financial Services. "Our advisors benefit from direct integrations that streamline and strengthen their tax services, further enabling them to move taxes to the center of the financial planning and wealth management conversation."

Using HD Vest's services in combination with Drake's tax preparation software, Drake Tax, provides an additional source of client and recruitment leads for advisors and tax professionals, giving an opportunity for them to save time and optimize their client service ahead of the upcoming tax season.

"Tax professionals are perfectly positioned to offer financial counsel to their clients." said John Sapp, VP of Strategic Development at Drake Software. "We look forward to educating our clients on how HD Vest's proven advisor model can help them expand their service offering and grow their practice."