Howard M. Rosen Named Worldwide CEO of BKR International

BKR International has appointed Howard M. Rosen in a new role as Worldwide CEO, effective January 1, 2018. Rosen will assume the international responsibilities of BKR International Executive Director Maureen Schwartz, who will retire at the end of 2018.

As Worldwide CEO, Rosen will oversee administrative leadership and communication between the Americas Region, based in New York City, and the executive directors in the EMEA Region (London) and Asia/Pacific Region (Sydney). “We were fortunate to have Maureen Schwartz serving as both the Americas Region and Worldwide executive director for many years,” Rosen said. “As the size of our association has grown, the Worldwide Board has been working on a leadership transition over the last few years.”

A search for a new Americas Region executive director is underway, and Rosen will support that transition of leadership. He is a past Americas Region Chairman and Worldwide Chairman. He was also a managing partner in a BKR International member   firm for many years.

“Howard brings a broad range of important skills and attributes to this position,” said Jacqueline Wolfovski, BKR’s Worldwide Chair, based in Paris. “In addition to his public accounting experience, he has traveled throughout the world to both developed and developing countries. He has a deep understanding of accounting firms worldwide and the challenges we face.”