LogiSense and Vertex Partner for Global Billing and Communications Taxation

LogiSense, a global subscription and usage based billing solutions provider, and Vertex, a leading provider of tax technology solutions, announced today that they have signed a partnership agreement to better service clients in need of global turnkey billing and the ability to keep up-to-date with complex and constantly changing communications taxation.

The LogiSense billing platform will have an available interface to Vertex tax automation technology to handle large volumes of billing and usage transactions. The availability of this interface will broaden LogiSense’s value to its large scale, global clients that require advanced solutions to meet regulatory requirements while handling any tax monetization scenario; from jurisdiction based sales taxes to complex tax exemption, inclusion and exclusion pricing.

"By partnering with Vertex, we will provide the most scalable, high-volume, usage based and subscription billing solutions for global players who require applicable tax implications. LogiSense takes great pride in being able to get to the bottom of the most layered enterprise billing formats across industries – from IoT and Telecom to any enterprise market. We view our integration with Vertex as an extension of our promise to deliver the most agile billing frameworks to our customers in real time." - Flavio Gomes, CEO, LogiSense

"Vertex helps companies of all sizes to simplify tax complexity and improve efficiency with communications tax management technology. The agreement with LogiSense will make it possible for us to extend the reach of our tax automation software. We look forward to collaborating with LogiSense and finding new ways to generate value for our customers." - Paul Beirnes, Managing Director of Partner Development, Vertex