Ceterus Enables One-Stop Accounting with Ceterus Tax

Ceterus has launched Ceterus Tax, a new managed service that offloads more financial management responsibility to Ceterus from small business owners and franchisees. The tax service at Ceterus will be led by Ryan Cook, who has serviced hundreds of customers for Ceterus the past five years.

Tax management and bookkeeping can be challenging to small business owners and franchisees. Most don’t have financial expertise, and prefer to outsource these responsibilities to local specialists. But tax management and bookkeeping are distinct functions, with most specialists doing one but not the other. This can lead to accounting errors and financial mismanagement. Ceterus solves this problem by offering a turnkey, tech-based managed tax and bookkeeping service.

“We wanted to create a one-stop accounting solution that would empower entrepreneurs by providing them bookkeeping and tax under one roof,” says Levi Morehouse, founder and CEO at Ceterus. “By uniting these services we’re transferring the stress of financial management to us from our customers, freeing owners to think strategically about growing businesses.”

The Ceterus Tax team will provide personal and business tax planning and preparation to clients, as well as filing. Industry specialized CPAs within Ceterus will work with clients to ensure they have access to the latest tax advantages. Ceterus manages the bookkeeping function for many small business owners and franchisees already, using a proprietary cloud-based service that pulls information directly from a client’s POS, bank and payroll provider into Ceterus. If they choose to do so, clients leveraging Ceterus’ bookkeeping service can continue to work with their existing accountant.

“We want to stress that Ceterus recognizes the important, often long-term partnerships small business owners and franchisees have with their local tax specialists,” notes Morehouse. “For our customers who wish to continue that partnership, our goal in offering Ceterus Tax is to augment rather than supplant that relationship.”

“I’m thrilled to join Ceterus and lead its managed tax team,” says Cook. “Entrepreneurs have plenty to do without worrying about financial management, tax planning and bookkeeping. We’re excited to bring these services together, and to help small business owners and franchisees automate and streamline their financial operation.”