2018 Tax Reform Law - Index of Articles

The new tax reform law enacted by Congress and signed by President Trump at the end of December will greatly affect many taxpayers. The law covers many aspects, from business taxation to individuals and deductions, which can make it challenging for taxpayers and tax professionals to keep up with the changes.

We've put together this index of articles about the new tax reform law, written by tax experts, attorneys and our editorial staff, to give you a resource for the information. The articles are listed by date, with the newest articles at the top.


Estate Planning and the New Tax Law

How the New Tax Law Affects Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin

The Good and Bad About the New Tax Law

2018 Tax Reform: Pass-Through Income Deduction More Complex than Thought


2018 Income Tax Refunds Delayed for EITC and Child Credit Returns

IRS to Start Accepting Tax Returns on Jan. 29, 2018

2018 Tax Reform Law Has Benefits for Some Small Businesses

Effects of 2018 Tax Reform Law on Individuals, Deductions and Credits


2018 Tax Reform Law Doubles Child Tax Credit

A New Year and New Tax Laws: What Reform Means for IRS Tax Brackets and Deductions

Tax Pro Shows Hidden Benefits of 2018 Tax Reform Law

New Tax Law Complicates Property Tax Deduction


When Will New 2018 Tax Reform Law Take Effect?

President Trump Signs New Income Tax Law Into Effect

AICPA Comments on New Tax Reform Law

How to Get Ready for 2018 Income Tax Season and Get a Fast Refund

2018 IRS Income Tax Refund Schedule - IRS Tax Day is April 17, 2018