New Online Tax Site Has CPAs Doing the Work

With tax season rapidly approaching, a new kind of online tax website has been launched. Instead of the do-it-yourself (and take your chances) approach of most consumer tax websites, the new website has CPAs that prepare the actual return and ensuring compliance with tax law.

According to the company, the site’s proprietary technology makes it easy for taxpayers to securely upload their tax and income documents in less than 10 minutes. Since the IRS says the average American spends about eight hours when they prepare their own return, and without the assurance of a CPAs experience, the new platform may serve a critical need for taxpayers who want a completely digital tax prep experience backed by a review by a tax pro to ensure the return is properly prepared and takes advantage of available deductions and credits.

"We are pleased to be launching during a time in our nation’s history when the tax system is more confusing than ever. The new tax law passed a few weeks ago has created confusion and added stress to the tax-filing process," said Michael Chen, CEO & Founder of "Our top-tier CPAs have reviewed the new law and are fully versed in its intricacies. Their ten-plus years of experience ensures that no money will be left on the table."

The process is simple:

  • Upload digital versions of tax documents (W-2s and 1099s) and get matched with an advisor in minutes.
  • Sit back while your CPA preps your return, and you can reach out with questions anytime through email or phone number. The process takes a day or two to complete.
  • All of our data is secured on the server, and you will get more professional expertise and personal attention for less than you'd expect.
  • Give your return a final look, sign and file electronically, and get on with your life.
  • In the unlikely event that the filing is audited by the IRS, CPAs will handle the audit at no cost.

The site charges a flat fee of $250 for most basic 1040 returns, which includes preparation, CPA tax review, filing, and audit protection. was founded by Michael Chen, CPA, who has over 20 years of experience advising numerous high-net worth clients, including those on the Forbes 400 list. He says he recognized that mostly only high-net worth individuals can afford expert tax advice, so he created proprietary software to give millions of “High Earning (but) Not Rich Yet Americans” (HENRY) access to similar valuable tax advice. solves tax filing issues for most taxpayers by using proprietary technology and by employing experienced tax professionals.

Once filers visit the site, they are asked a few simple qualifying questions, upload their tax documents and are matched with a CPA advisor at affordable rates who prepare and file the tax return.