Online Learning Center Guides Accountants from Compliance Services to Advisory Roles

Sageworks, a financial information company, has launched ProfitCents University, a digital-learning platform that helps CPAs and other accounting professionals build successful consulting practices.

ProfitCents University is designed to guide CPAs and accounting professionals through a step-by-step transition from a focus on compliance services, such as tax and audit, to higher-profit advisory work and value-added services. Accounting profession thought leaders say advisory services hold the most growth potential and value for both clients and firms.

Sageworks has worked with accounting and advisory firms for 20 years, providing solutions that deepen client relationships and make it easier for firms to implement value-added services. “We constantly see many accounting firms struggle with shifting their focus on compliance work to advisory services for their clients,” said Sageworks CEO Scott Ogle. “It can seem overwhelming and unattainable without a clear path and quantifiable goals. ProfitCents University is designed to help with these challenges.”

The digital-learning platform will help firms focus on their best clients for developing advisory services, leveraging those existing relationships to increase profit while helping clients improve their own overall financial performance. In the process, firms can become much less dependent on overtime-filled tax seasons to meet revenue goals and can attract top-notch staff that increase value for both the client and the firm.

Specifically, ProfitCents University’s course work will help accountants and advisors:

1)     Use industry specific data and performance metrics to identify within client financials the best opportunities to help businesses improve financial performance.

2)     Learn how to build advisory engagements that address the client’s unique perspective and pain points.

3)     Leverage ProfitCents Reports to generate actionable insights to provide recommendations on topics such as internal business processes, mitigating debt and future cash flow.

4)     Overcome communication barriers to provide valuable advice and recommendations effectively and efficiently.

Professionals successfully completing ProfitCents University will receive a certificate as a Profitcents Certified Advisor, as well as a digital ProfitCents University badge for display on all online platforms. Learn more about accessing ProfitCents University by visiting