Atlanta Accounting Firm Aprio, LLP Acquires RRB Business Services

As part of a strategic merger and acquisition strategy, Aprio, LLP, a full-service CPA-led business advisory firm, announced today the acquisition of RRB Business Services, LLC, an Atlanta-based full-service certified public accounting and consulting firm specializing in accounting, tax planning and tax return preparation, financial and estate planning, and advisory services. The combination of Aprio and RRB, which was completed on January 1, 2018.

“Aprio continues on its incredible journey of strategic growth and expansion with high performing firms,” said Allan D. Koltin, CEO, Koltin Consulting Group, Inc. “RRB is a highly respected firm in the Atlanta market with many high net worth and privately held clients. This combination will be wonderful for their clients in terms of the additional services and resources they will be able to take advantage of.”

RRB is a boutique accounting firm with 30 years of experience serving a diverselient base of privately owned companies, non-profit organizations, high net worth individuals and estates as well as small, commercial, professional and industrial businesses. RRB’s specialties complement Aprio’s current offerings.

“Aprio has a long history working with and advising high net worth individuals and entrepreneurial clients and combining with RRB only makes us stronger,” said Richard Kopelman, CEO and managing partner, Aprio, LLP. “As we continue our expansion efforts throughout the US, we know that our emphasis on collaboration, culture and entrepreneurialism will allow us to attract the right firms, like RRB, and focus on smart growth.”

Aprio remains a premier business advisory firm by maintaining a clear purpose: to advise clients so they can achieve what’s next. Aprio has assembled an extraordinary team of talented and passionate professionals working together in a unique, high performance culture. The culture is defined by The Aprio Way, the 30 fundamentals that guide how Aprio employees work and engage with their clients, prospects and each other.

Since 2007, Aprio has combined with six strategically chosen firms as part of an initiative focusing on targeted expansion. At Aprio, the most important part of the process is choosing the right firms for a merger or acquisition based cultural fit. Specifically, Aprio evaluates whether or not the firm would be able to implement The Aprio Way with their partners, staff and clients. This focus on culture has led to streamlined integration of the firms and incredible revenue growth.

“A combination with another firm is fraught with unknowns. A potential culture clash, or a mismatch in relative firm expertise can sink the combination. With Aprio any concerns about those unknowns quickly evaporated. The merging of our firm cultures and our balance in expertise served as a spring board to exponential growth and success,” said Jim Ziegelbauer, founder of JRZ, LLC a recent Aprio combination partner. “Since joining Aprio in 2013, the combined firm has grown its commercial real estate practice by more than 30% per annum, making us clearly the fastest growing real estate practice in the Southeast. We have the top experts in real estate tax in place, serving clients every day.”