2017 Review of Pro-Ware Asset Keeper Pro

Pro-Ware Asset Keeper Pro

From the 2017 review of asset management systems.

Pro-Ware Asset Keeper Pro is a good fit for mid-sized accounting firms, as well as business owners who wish to manage assets and depreciation in-house. Asset Keeper Pro is a desktop/network installed product and does not offer SaaS or cloud connectivity. The product is multi-platform; working on both Windows and Apple operating systems, and is designed to work as a stand-alone product.

Asset Keeper Pro was first introduced in 1983, but has undergone a complete re-engineering in 2013, providing an updated asset and depreciation management product that supports an unlimited number of clients and assets. The product also comes with a site license, which allows users to utilize the product on an unlimited number of computers in their business.  

The Add-Edit page is where users will enter any new assets. Though the interface is somewhat crowded, entering a new asset is fairly straightforward, with two description fields available for each asset. A series of tabs will take users to a variety of options, including General, where general detail is entered; Methods, where users can choose the depreciation method they wish to employ for the asset, Notes, Picture, Document, Auto Mileage, Tracking, and CIP options available as well.

Asset Keeper Pro handles a variety of methods, including Federal, AMT, ACE, Book, and State. Users also have the opportunity to add additional methods as needed. Users can calculate depreciation using a variety of methods including MACRS Personal, MACRS Real, MACRS Indian, Book, ACRS Personal, ACRS Real, Pre-ACRS, and others. Asset Keeper has a variety of user-defined fields available that users can easily customize to suit their needs. The Auto Mileage option in the product allows users to track both current and prior year mileage on any auto assets, with business/personal use tracked on this screen as well. The Asset Tracking function allows users to track each asset by type, location of the asset, and who that asset is assigned to. Additional user-defined tracking fields can also be set up for more detailed tracking. The Document tab allows users to save any asset-related documents such as warranties or insurance information, and users can also choose to attach a photo of the asset as well.

The Depreciation calculation engine calculates Annual Depreciation, Monthly Depreciation, Beginning Accumulated Depreciation, Projected Depreciation, Short-year Depreciation, and Pro-Rated Depreciation. The Auto-Assign option allows users to choose from a variety of options including the ability to Auto Assign Section 179, AMT Methods and Lives, ACE Methods and Lives, and Merger and Termination.

All assets can be disposed of individually, or users can use the BULK sale option to dispose of multiple assets. Like-exchanges are also supported, and users also have the option to combine multiple assets into a single asset if desired.

Asset Keeper Pro offers good reporting options, with a variety of reports available including Asset Reports, Personal Property Reports, Asset Depreciation Reports, Depreciation Comparison Reports, and an Asset Summary Report. Reports can be customized using the Configure Settings option, and both current and prior year reports can be run. A built-in report writer option is also available for users to create custom reports, which can be saved or placed in a report group for future access. All reports can be viewed on screen, printed, or saved as a PDF.  

The Import/Export Assets option allows users to import or export data from Microsoft Excel or CSV files. A convert option is also available, where users can convert data from other applications such as BNA Fixed Assets, Fixed Assets CS, Sage FAS Fixed Asset Software, and CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets.

Asset Keeper Pro can be downloaded from the Pro-Ware website and later activated if desired. Interim product updates are available from the Pro-Ware website and the Tutorials and How-Tos offers help in all areas of the product from installation and initial setup, to user preferences and password setup. Technical support is included in the price of the product, with telephone support available during regular business hours, and email support available after hours and weekends.

Asset Keeper Pro is a solid asset and depreciation management application that is well suited to both professional accountants and businesses. The product is available by subscription and is downloaded directly from the Pro-Ware website. Currently the 2016 version of Asset Keeper Pro is available for $499.00, which includes an unlimited number of users.  

2017 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars