2017 Review of GoCodes Asset Tracking



From the 2017 review of asset management systems.

GoCodes is a good fit for businesses that wish to track company assets and inventory, making it ideal for IT, medical supply, schools, equipment and contracting businesses. GoGodes Asset Tracking works by using QR codes to track and identify assets, custom solutions for tracking are available as well.

GoCodes is web based and works with laptops and mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.  A comprehensive video is available to guide new users through the application.  Click on the Assets option to enter detailed information about each asset, including asset type, sub-type is necessary, group, and asset serial number.  In this section, users can also record the last service date for the asset, and last update, as well as assign an employee to that asset.  This is great information for companies that provide maintenance and repair services. An asset tag with the corresponding QR code is also stored in this area, and users can add a photo of the asset as well. The Messages/Map option allows users to quickly view where that particular asset is at any given time.

GoCodes also offers data migration assistance, with users able to create an asset spreadsheet from their current system, copy it into the GoCodes template provided, and GoCodes support will upload the data.

Additional options include the ability to see if the asset has been assigned, the history of the asset, and when and where it has been assigned or checked out, and any user-defined information as well. Using the QR code specific to that particular asset allows users to scan assets where service has been requested, allowing users to quickly manage service requests and while keeping track of any requested repairs or maintenance.

Users can easily track asset warranty and service dates and the assignment feature allows users to quickly assign an asset to an employee, tracking time, date, and how long the asset was checked out for. Assets can also be assigned to a task, with users able to manage usage time and schedule timely maintenance for the asset if necessary.

Each time an asset is scanned in the field or at a location, users will receive a message with that information as well as a map showing the location of the asset.

Users can add up to 10 custom fields that can track additional asset data, and user-defined values can be assigned for asset categories such as Model, Subtype, Group, Home Location, along with others.

GoCodes offers up to 18 customizable reports in the Enterprise level of the product, with additional reports optional in other product versions. Depreciation capability is included in the reporting mechanism, which will calculate default depreciation for eligible assets using straight line or double declining balance formulas.

GoCodes is available in four versions; Standard, Premium, Professional, and Enterprise.  Phone support is included in all versions except Standard, with pricing starting at $228.00 per year for the Standard version.  The Professional version of the product is $199.00 per month and includes 10 users and 2,000 assets.

2017 Overall Rating – 4.5 Stars