2017 Review of Cellutionware Depreciation Calculator

Cellutionware Depreciation Calculator

From the 2017 review of asset management systems.

Cellutionware Depreciation Calculator from Cellutionware Software is a fixed asset and depreciation management product billed as depreciation calculator software. The product is well suited for both businesses and professional accountants. The program is downloaded from the Cellutionware website and a product demo is available to try out prior to purchase. Designed for desktop installation, Depreciation Calculator works with Windows 7 or above.

Depreciation Calculator is primarily designed for small to mid-sized businesses, although accountants can utilize the product if handling a limited number of assets and depreciation schedules for their clients. The asset input screen is well-designed, and expands to full screen when entering assets. Depreciation Calculator supports both Straight Line and Declining Balance depreciation methods for GAAP, and also supports ACRS, MACRS, AMT, and Corporate ACE. Depreciation Calculator automatically calculates MACRS depreciation, and will also compute luxury automobile depreciation limits as well as annual truck and van depreciation limitations.

Depreciation Calculator has added several updates with the latest version, including updated limits for Section 179, Bonus Depreciation, Luxury Auto Limitations and Qualified Leasehold Improvements. Several new reports have been added as well, including Bonus Depreciation, Company List, and Business Property Asset Listing.

Designed primarily as a calculation engine, Depreciation Calculator does not offer the ability to track asset detail such as insurance, warranties or repair schedules. The product supports simple exchanges such as replacing one vehicle with another, or swapping out similar pieces of equipment, but does not handle complex like-kind exchanges. The product also supports bulk sale of multiple assets in a single transaction.

Depreciation Calculator offers decent reporting options, including Annual Federal and State Tax Depreciation reports, Annual Federal and State AMT Depreciation reports, Annual, Monthly, and Quarterly Book Depreciation reports, Current Year Acquisitions report, Current Year Dispositions report, and Annual and Monthly Net Book Value reports. Depreciation Calculator also offers a Detailed Asset Listing report.

Depreciation Calculator is a stand-alone application and does not currently integrate with any tax preparation software, nor does it offer the ability to import data from other third-party applications. It also does not export data into Excel.

Depreciation Calculator offers all users free technical support, as long as the program is updated yearly. Users can refer to the FAQ page to view current issues, or press the F1 key to access the help system. There is also a user manual available for users to refer to.

Support is available during regular business hours and can be accessed via telephone or email.

For those who desire to track depreciation calculations separate from their core tax or accounting application, Depreciation Calculator from Cellutionware may be a good fit. Aimed mainly at small to mid-sized businesses, professional accountants may utilize the program as well, though with limited integration, users would need to re-enter all data into other applications. Depreciation Calculator is currently $349.95 for a single user, with a multi-user version available for $489.95, which provides licenses for up to 5 computers at a single location.

2017 Overall Rating – 4 Stars