2017 Overview of EZOfficeInventory

EZ Office Inventory

From the 2017 review of asset management systems.

EZ Office Inventory is an online inventory/asset management product that offers mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. EZ Office Inventory is ideal for construction, IT, and businesses that sell and provide equipment services.

All assets and inventory can be easily tracked by location, with users notified when inventory totals drop at a particular location. The product easily checks assets in and out, and the Availability Calendar provides users with a comprehensive view of all available assets, as well as those that are reserved, checked out, or undergoing maintenance. Assets can also be tracked using GPS, with the product supporting both QR Codes and Barcode tracking, with is made easier with the use of mobile devices.

A Packages feature is also available for tracking multiple assets that need to be bundled into a single entity. EZ Office Inventory supports only straight-line depreciation for any assets in the system.

The product also offers robust services and maintenance capability, with the ability to create service tickets or proactively schedule maintenance services for all assets and inventory.
Billed annually, EZ Office Inventory offers four levels of plans, with the Silver version of the product running $320.00 per year, which supports 50 users and 200 items. The product also integrates with Zendesk, Dropbox and Salesforce.