2017 Overview of Loc8 Asset Management

Loc8 Asset Management

From the 2017 review of asset management systems.

Well suited for field service businesses, Loc8 is a web-based application that offers job management, scheduling, asset management, and quoting and invoicing capability. The product offers easy appointment scheduling for customers with the ability to immediately dispatch technicians to the service location requested. Work orders can be created as well.

Loc8 is designed to work on multiple mobile devices, with the product able to download necessary customer and asset information even when phone service is unavailable. Loc8 manages all business assets, with users able to track asset and inventory for a variety of locations. Asset classes can be added during product setup, with users able to attach future assets to a particular class. Users can also manage all asset activity; proactively scheduling maintenance and other services on a timely basis.

Users can also assign a variety of rules to each asset, with the rules used to notify users of occurrences such as an equipment or asset failure, or any change to that particular asset.

Included APIs allow users to create custom integration with a variety of third-party applications as desired.

Loc8 offers three product levels: Team, Service and Enterprise. Team is free and offers limited functionality. The Service level is better suited for medium to large businesses and runs $99.00 a month and supports up to 5 system users.