2017 Review of BizXpenseTracker


Silverware Software


From the 2017 reviews of Expense Management systems and apps.

Designed as an organizational tool, BizXpenseTracker is available for Apple iOS devices. BizXpenseTracker works well for smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs that need a way to easily track time, mileage, and expenses while out in the field. The app offers no direct integration with other applications; instead users can export data from the app directly to their Mac or PC in order to process the details as needed.

Biz Xpense Tracker offers multi-currency functionality, with uses able choose the currency they wish to use, downloading the most current exchange rates from the Internet.

Users can track their mileage by entering the current odometer reading, then entering the beginning address and ending address of the destination, with the app entering the total miles entered. The app will automatically remember the ending mileage; prefilling the start odometer total. Users can also create round trips in BizXpenseTracker, if desired. The app includes built-in live tracking of mileage using GPS at no extra cost, with users only needing to tell the app when they left and arrived. The optional AutoTrack feature also automatically tracks the user’s mileage without requiring any user intervention.

Users can also use the app to track time, with users able to use the built-in timer function to track time spent on projects, meetings, or other work-related functions. The time worked simply needs to be allocated to a project or billed to a client. Users can track their time using three different rate types; Hourly, Per Visit, and Per Day. Overtime can also be calculated as well.

BizXpenseTracker offers flexible reporting options, with users able to export reports to a CSV file for Microsoft Excel importing. Reports can also be saved as a PDF, and users can also export reports to Dropbox, Box, or any Mac or PC through a wi-fi connection. Both reports and receipts can be emailed to recipients if desired.

Users can also export data to their PC or Mac, choosing the fields they wish to export, and the order in which to export them. The Silverware Software website offers Help videos, a users’ forum, FAQ’s, and a link to support. Users can also contact support via telephone if desired.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, BizXpenseTracker is available for $6.99, with add on options additional.