2017 Review of Concur Expense Management

Concur Expense

Concur – SAP


From the 2017 reviews of Expense Management systems and apps.

Purchased by SAP in 2014, Concur Expense can be customized to support large enterprises who require extensive expense management for employees, as well as small companies who have limited needs for simple expense reporting. Additional options in Concur include Concur Travel and Concur Invoice.

Concur, a SAP company, offers a series of travel and expense management apps and services.  The product can be used on desktop and laptop computers, as well as tablets and smartphones.  Concur has partnerships with many bank card and travel partners so expense transactions and receipts can be captured directly into Concur Expense, or users can easily snap a photo of a receipt, and those using the travel app can easily book travel from their mobile device as well.  Once an image has been captured, users can upload the images directly to Concur, where they are automatically categorized and attached to a newly created expense report.  Users can also add receipts and other images via email or fax, with all receipts and other images stored in the Available Receipts Library, where they can be accessed when creating the expense report. Concur’s mobile application works with iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices, with users able to download the app. 

Concur offers multi-level security, with administrators able to assign roles to each employee to restrict access to sensitive data. Concur also offers invoice automation software for processing and managing vendor payments. Concur Invoice can connect with POs, e-invoices, paper and e-mailed invoices and supplier networks to collect, manage and pay invoices. Employees can review and authorize payments via desktop or the Concur mobile app. Concur Invoice can also create pre-defined reports, dashboards and key metrics to provide an overview of spend for cash flow management.

Concur Expense supports both multiple currencies, regulatory needs and multiple languages; ideal for those that travel internationally.  Users simply enter data, and Concur will automatically calculate the current exchange rate and track tax requirements.  Mileage can be easily tracked using an automated distance tracking feature, Concur Expense Smart Drive, which will soon be integrated within Concur’s mobile app. Concur Travel is an excellent solution for companies needing a better way to manage travel. Users have the option to book air travel, hotels, car rentals, or rail tickets, and integration with Concur Expense provides easy management of all travel related expenses incurred.

Concur hosts a connected ecosystem of partner apps that can integrate with and leverage Concur data. Time tracking and management can be completed by utilizing additional third-party apps that integrate with Concur such as Time Tracker, Timesheet by Upland Software or Replicon. 

Users can automatically upload all credit card expenses directly into Concur; ensuring that all related expenses are included in the created expense report. 

Users can set up the approval process that works best with their business, with approvers assigned during the initial product setup. System approvers have the option to approve the report as submitted, editing information or adding additional receipts or details, or sending the report back to the employee to make any requested changes.  Approvers can also make line item adjustments if desired, or modify totals if they violate company policy. 

Both Concur Expense and Concur Travel offer excellent reporting capability, with users able to combine all related expenses such as travel, invoices, credit cards, and other expenses into comprehensive analytical reports.  A dashboard provides users with real time access to multiple reports and key performance indicators, and all reports can be easily customized to suit the needs of the business.  Reports can be automatically emailed to key recipients if desired.

Concur Travel also offers more than 25 standard reports that provide managers with an in-depth look at travel expenses for all employees. 

Concur offers integration with numerous apps that are designed to integrate with core ERP systems such as NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Workday, Intacct, and SAP.  Integration with travel, expense, IT administration, compliance and sales and services automation are also offered, increasing the functionality of the product considerably.

The Concur Support portal offers users access to numerous tools and guides including the Training and How-To Guides, which are available for all of the apps offered by Concur.  A knowledgebase is also available for system users, and those using the Standard, Professional, and Premium versions of Concur also have access to the User Support Desk, where they can contact support via telephone or email for assistance.

Concur offers users the option to purchase Concur Expense, Concur Travel and Concur Invoice separately, or bundle them together for increased product functionality. Concur offers its products for businesses of all sizes starting at $8.00 per expense report created and submitted. Concur offers integration to QuickBooks, NetSuite, SAP and Salesforce integration, with an option for third-party integration as well. The solution is customizable to the customer’s needs, from simple workflow set-up and numbers of reimbursement accounts to advanced workflows and multiple reimbursement accounts. A free trial of Concur is available for users to try out prior to purchasing.

2017 Rating 4.75 Stars