2017 Review of MileIQ



From the 2017 reviews of Expense Management systems and apps.

MileiQ is designed to automatically track mileage for taxes or reimbursements. It’s designed to fit the needs of both the self-employed looking for mileage deductions, as well as organizations that need to manage employee mileage.

MileIQ is designed to be easy. It automatically tracks and logs your drives without users having to do anything. Users can easily classify drives with swipe, placing each drive in a standard category such as business, personal, or medical.

Custom categories can be setup in MileIQ as well. Users can also set their own personalized business hours, so any driving outside those hours will automatically be classified as personal. MileIQ also gives you full control to over adding drives and editing previous trips.

Once you sign up for MileIQ, you can just drive as you normally would and it will automatically capture your drives in the background. MileIQ offers a variety of features that will help you more effectively track and report your driving. You can add vehicles, name frequent locations and even add custom purposes to track to a higher level of detail.
The product will automatically calculate each drive at the standard IRS reimbursement rate, with all driving information stored in the cloud for future reference. The product also includes standard reports, with users able to create custom reports as needed.

A convenient web dashboard lets users manage driving history, edit any default miles, create mileage expense reports and more. Notes can be added to each trip for clarification and users can change vehicles or add an additional vehicle at any time.

After you’ve installed MileIQ, you just drive as you normally would—there’s no need to manually start and stop drives. Once the drive is completed a drive card will be displayed with information such as start and end locations, mileage associated with the drive, and the potential value of the drive.          
It’s easy to classify each drive as personal or business, using a swipe motion to choose between personal and business. Users can further classify each drive if desired with a variety of secondary business classifications such as Customer Visit, Meeting, Errand, Entertainment, or Travel.  Secondary categories are also available for personal classification such as commuting, medical, or moving (don’t forget, medical and moving mileage may also be deductible).

Product help is easily obtained through the MileIQ Help Center, which provides a variety of help articles on topics such as Getting Started, Reporting, Troubleshooting, and MileIQ Blog. Users can also type a question for support, or submit a support request via the MileIQ website.

MileIQ is suited for both organizations that need to adequately track employee mileage to the solo entrepreneur that needs to track miles for billing or IRS purposes. MileIQ is available in two editions: The Limited Plan is free, and offers up to 40 drives per month. The Premium Plan includes unlimited mileage logging and is $59.99 a year on the Annual plan or $5.99 a month.