2017 Review of SutiExpense



From the 2017 reviews of Expense Management systems and apps.

SutiExpense, from SutiSoft is travel and expense management software that works to plan and track corporate travel and manage employee expenses. Designed for businesses of all sizes, SutiExpense offers an online platform that also offers access for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. SutiExpense offers three editions of SutiExpense, with each version offering additional features.

SutiExpense allows users to snap a photo of a receipt and simply upload directly from the smart phone. Users can also use a webcam to snap a photo, or submit receipts via email, fax or scan. Once the receipt is in SutiExpense, users can add comments and attach receipts directly to the expense report.

SutiExpense offers excellent customization capability, with administrators able to customize system access for both standard users and approvers.

The product supports multi-currency, with SutiExpense automatically pulling exchange rates based on the date that the expense was incurred. Users can also override the exchange rate if they desire.

SutiExpense allows users to set up mileage reimbursement as an expense, with the ability to set a price per mile based on a specific employee role. Administrators can also configure price per mile for both personal and company miles. There is no automated mileage tracking available, and the product does not track time or offer timesheet capability.

SutiExpense integrates with popular travel booking companies, so all travel related expenses can be integrated directly into an expense report.

The product also integrates with all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX, allowing users to add transactions on the credit card statement directly to the expense report. Users simply choose the transactions they wish to add, and they are added as line items to the expense report, without the need for manual data entry.

SutiExpense offers flexible approval capability, with the product utilizing a role-based approval system. Alternate approvers can also be assigned for when regular approvers are unavailable. All approvers receive an email notification when an expense report is forwarded to them for approval. Approvers can line-item reject an expense, with only the rejected expense going back to the submitter for edits and resubmission.

All reimbursements are handles through the user’s native accounting system. SutiExpense allows users to enter both company spending limits and per diem rates. Rules can be created across the board, or directly at particular roles. Rules can also be created by location as well. When a spending limit is exceeded, users will be prompted to adjust the amount on the expense report in order to comply with the stated rule.

Other policies, such as receipt requirements or limits on receipt age, along with other options, can be turned on or off during product setup.

SutiExpense extracts receipt information directly into an expense report. The report can be saved as a draft, or if all expenses are entered, can be submitted for approval. The product also contains a suite of standard reports that can utilized, with the ability to create custom reports in SutiExpense as well. All custom reports can be saved for future access, as well as exported to Microsoft Excel, as a CSV file, or saved as a PDF.

SutiExpense offers excellent integration options with a variety of popular third-party applications including Oracle, SAP, Sage, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Dynamics, along with payroll applications such as ADP and Paychex.

Users can access a variety of help options from the SutiExpense website, including support documents, training videos, and whitepapers. Those interested SutiExpense can download a free trial to try the software out prior to purchasing. Product training is available as well.

SutiExpense from SutiSoft offers product support, with users able to access support via the website, or by email or telephone.

Ideal for businesses of just about any size, SutiExpense offers three editions: professional, which is $5.50 per user per month and contains basic expense functionality. Premium and Enterprise editions are also available, with both offering additional features such as travel booking and credit card integration options. Pricing for the Premium and Enterprise levels are available upon request. SutiExpense also offers a free trial for those that wish to try out the product prior to purchasing.

2017 Rating – 4.75 Stars