2017 Review of Neat



From the 2017 reviews of Expense Management systems and apps.

NEAT is a cloud-based software application built for small and micro-business and sole proprietors. Neat’s primary function is as an expense, document and spend management solution that helps small business owners by dramatically reducing onerous bookkeeping tasks such as data entry and tax preparation.

Designed for online access, NEAT also offers a mobile app that contains the same features and functionality of its online product, so users can upload receipt images directly from a smart phone or tablet.

NEAT users can easily upload and manage a variety of documents using a Neat scanner or one of Neat’s certified partners. Users can also email e-receipts or import PDF’s, and emails can be forwarded to NEAT as well for easy management and tracking.  NEAT utilizes InDocument Identification Technology that uses an OCR engine that enables the application to quickly read, identify, and populate a variety of fields.

An excellent document management system, NEAT provides users with an automatic backup of any document or receipt that is uploaded into the system. 

Though not its main purpose, NEAT can easily create expense reports.  Users simply place all related expense documents and receipts into a folder, then simply click the expense report option to create a report, which can then be submitted for payment.  There are no approval channels available in NEAT.

NEAT integrates with a variety of third-party applications including QuickBooks and Sage, along with Quicken and Constant Contact.  The application also integrates with both Microsoft Word and Excel for easy exporting of documents.

The NEAT Help Center offers a searchable Knowledgebase along with a variety of FAQ’s that users can browse through.  A NEAT User Guide and Help document is also available for new uses.  NEAT offers a variety of support plans for application users, including Standard, NeatCare Priority and NeatCare Priority Plus. All support plans offer chat and email support, with NeatCare Priority and NeatCare Priority Plus also offering unlimited toll-free telephone support as well.

Designed for small businesses that want a way to manage documents and receipts, NEAT is available in three editions; Essential, which functions solely as a document management application; Premium, which also offers collaboration capabilities and integration with both QuickBooks Online and Sage.  The Business Edition offers all of those features, as well as unlimited document storage, 99% data automation accuracy and priority level support.  The Essentials Edition of NEAT is $79.99 annually; the Premium Edition is $119.99 billed annually, and the Business Edition is $249.99 billed annually.  The product also offers a 15 day trial that can accessed at any time.