2017 Review of Xpenditure



From the 2017 reviews of Expense Management systems and apps.

Flexible enough to be used by teams, enterprises, accountants, or single users, xpenditure is an online expense management application that offers easy online access, as well as a mobile app that users can utilize to upload receipts and create and submit expense reports.

Users can use the app to upload receipts, just taking a photo and hitting the Use Photo option, Once the photo is uploaded, users can fill in the rest of the data and submit the expense. Receipts can also be uploaded via email as well.

Xpenditure offers a variety of roles that administrators can set up and utilize in the product, including User, Approver, Controller, CFO, Treasurer, Director, and Administrator. Each role offers a differing level of product access.

Xpenditure offers multi-currency functionality, with the product automatically converting any expenses entered on an expense report to the default currency. Exchange rates can also be changed manually in the actual expense if desired, and users also have the option to upload their own exchange rate if desired.

In order to track mileage expenses, users will need to enter the default mileage reimbursement rate in xpenditure. The product also offers users the option to create a trip, with the option to attach an approval to each created trip. A time tracking option is also available, where users can enter the number of hours worked on a particular project by adding the time tracking rate.

Xpenditure offers an automatic datafeed for over 3,500 banks in a variety of countries. Users can easily check the list of banks to see if their banking institution is included. If the bank is included, users will need to set up the system, connecting xpenditure with the bank, which enables a daily transaction feed directly into the product. Many of the transactions will automatically match with expenses entered, and the system will indicate potential matches which the user can approve by clicking the ‘match found’ option. For transactions without a match or potential match, users will be sent an email requesting a receipt for the credit card transaction.

Administrators have the option to set multiple approvers up in expenditure. The approver’s dashboard provides easy management of all expenses that need to be approved. Users can reject line expenses and continue the approver process for the balance of the expenses that are approved, with the rejected expense returned to the user that submitted the expense with a reason why it was rejected.

Using the Advanced Settings option, administrators can create rules as needed in order to control expenses, along with per diems, mileage rates, along with specific rules pertinent to specific roles assigned in the xpenditure.

Once an expense has been entered, whether through an automatic receipt upload or manually, an expense report is automatically created. Users then only need to complete the process of filling out the report if any data is missing, and submit the report for approval.

Reporting options are somewhat limited, though CFO’s can run an Expenses Overview for the organization. Reimbursement reports are available as well. The majority of reports needed can be created in the accounting system used in conjunction with xpenditure.

The product offers excellent integration capability with a variety of third-party accounting applications, including Freshbooks, Exact Online, Xero, E-conomic, FreeAgent, QuickBooks Online, and Sage One. Users need to access the Integrations option and choose the software from the list available, and simply press the Connect button to enable integration.

Xpenditure offers solid help functionality with a comprehensive, searchable knowledgebase available for users to access. Users also have the option to sign up for a webinar, or search the variety of whitepapers available from the website as well. Users can also contact support with questions directly from the xpenditure website as well, though telephone support is only available for Enterprise level users.

Scalable, and well suited for the single user to the enterprise level global organization, Xpenditure is offered in three pricing levels; Single, which is $4.27 per user/per month; Team, which is $5.83 per user/per month, and Enterprise, with pricing available upon request. A free trial of the product is available from the xpenditure website.

2017 Rating – 4.75 Stars