2017 Review of Fund E-Z Nonprofit Accounting

FUND E-Z Nonprofit Accounting



From the July 2017 Reviews of Nonprofit and Fund Accounting Systems.

FUND-E-Z is best suited for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations. The product is available in two versions, Basic and Pro, and now offers cloud-hosting, eliminating the need to install the product on an in-house network.

Available in two versions, smaller nonprofits can quickly scale up to the Pro version of FUND E-Z. With new cloud services offered, users can now choose to install the product locally, or have it hosted on the FUND E-Z system, allowing anytime/anywhere access.

FUND E-Z offers users the ability to choose between two chart of account structures. The Basic version of the software contains a fixed segment chart of accounts, with a 22-character capability and up to three cost centers. The Pro version of the product offers a more custom chart of accounts, up to 100 characters in length, and up to eight additional cost centers, as well as both fund level and account level segments.

FUND E-Z easily handles a wide variety of transaction types, including standard invoice processing, cash disbursements, cash receipts, bank charges, accruals, recurring entries, and direct allocations. The Pro version of the product also offers an Indirect Allocation module as well.

FUND E-Z contains excellent budgeting capability, with users able to create detail or summary budgets, auto-create budgets based on historical values, create budgets for more than 12 months, create a budget that can cross fiscal years, and create a budget revision without changing the original budget. For

For organizations that need to track donor activity, FUND E-Z Nonprofit Fundraising Software is available. The Fundraising Software allows users to organize donors, track donation levels, manage pledges, gifts, and campaigns, and create targeted mailing lists. While there is no specific grant management module, users can easily track funds and activities in FUND E-Z by setting up a custom chart of accounts and related budget.

The Basic version of FUND E-Z contains a Direct Allocations module, which allows users to allocate transactions across multiple funds and accounts. Allocations can be made by percentage, unit of measure or by direct amount. The Pro version of the product also offers an Indirect Allocations module. FUND E-Z also uses forced balancing, so all accounts will be in balance.

FUND E-Z uses multi-level security, with five security levels available. Security can be assigned by individual functions, and can be set by module as well.

FUND E-Z offers a variety of reports and key performance indicators on the included dashboard. The product also offers solid reporting capability, with a built-in report writer function available to create custom reports. All reports offer drill-down capability, and users can also email reports directly to recipients from the report processing screen. A good selection of standard reports are also available, with users able to create consolidated reports, print across fiscal years, and create reports by segment as needed. FUND E-Z also prints FASB 117 reports, as well as report worksheets for necessary tax documents such as 990’s. All system reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel, as a CSV file, or saved as an HTML file or PDF.

FUND E-Z is a modular system, with all modules designed to work together. Modules included in the Basic version of the product include GL, Bank Reconciliation, Budgeting, AP, AR, Client Billing (Sales), Direct Allocations, Security, and Tools. Additional modules such as a custom Chart of Accounts function, Purchase Orders and Encumbrances, and Indirect Allocations are also available in the Pro version of the product.

FUND E-Z allows users to easily import data directly from Excel, or other text files. Users can also directly import journal entries, cash receipts and disbursements, invoices, bills, clients, vendors and donors from other applications that allow text export. Users can also export data to a variety of formats, including Excel, HTML, and PDF. Users can also email exported files if desired.

The product offers good Help functionality, with additional online and onsite training options available. Online classes are $295.00 per person, with group rates available. All new system users are required to purchase the FUND E-Z Maintenance Plan, which starts at $495.00 per year and includes unlimited telephone support, access to the online support center, and all software upgrades and revisions. FUND E-Z is also currently offering a 30-day trial, so users can try out the system prior to purchasing.

Best suited for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations, FUND E-Z allows very small nonprofits to utilize the software and quickly scale up to the Pro version when necessary. The Basic Edition is available for $1,995.00 for a single user, with the fundraising module extra.

2017 Rating: 4.75 Stars