2017 Review of Advance Pro Supply Chain Management

Advance Pro Supply Chain Management


Designed for wholesale and distribution, retail, and manufacturing businesses of all sizes, Advance Pro Supply Chain Management offers a comprehensive list of product features designed to track and manage inventory, as well as warehouse and order management capability.

From the 2017 review of Inventory Management systems.

Advance Pro is available as an a locally installed application as well as in the cloud using APT Cloud. The product also offers easy accessibility using iOS and Android devices.

Advance Pro Inventory offers an excellent selection of modules that are all designed to support inventory and supply chain management including a comprehensive inventory module that offers order management capability, complete integration with purchasing to receive re-order alerts, the ability to know inventory counts at all times, and complete order processing and order fulfillment capability. Advance Pro supports an unlimited number of products, with users able to easily manage vendor relationships including payment terms, currency preferences, and assigned carriers.

Users can easily track both lot and serial numbers, using serial numbers in order manage any related warranties or just track inventory assets internally. Advance Pro supports multiple warehouses, with the ability to add additional warehouses when necessary. Advance Pro also offers complete warehouse management capability, including the entire process from picking, packing and shipping, with an option to add UPS and Fed Ex integration. The optional AP Labels module allows users to easily create custom labels for all stock, and includes pre-formatted label templates, along with the ability to add graphics and images on any label created. The AP Labels module supports more than 30 types of barcodes.

Users can easily images and other related documents such as invoices, warranty information, and purchase orders to each product as desired. Advance Pro also supports item kits as well as the ability to create a kit within a kit if necessary. And the optional AP Manufacture module provides complete tracking of labor costs, work orders, serialized assembly items, and markups and discounts for all assembly items.

Complete pricing management capability is included in the product, with users able to assign multiple pricing levels to a single product, assign prices in a preferred currency, and assign selling prices based on units of measure. Users can choose from a variety of methods when selecting a value reporting method, including FIFO, LIFO, Average Costing, and Last Primary Vendor Bill Costing, which bases value on the most recent bill received from the vendor associated with the product.

Volume pricing levels can be set for both customers and vendors, and users can assign vendor specific costs to products that are typically purchased from multiple vendors.

Advance Pro offers excellent reporting capability, with users able to run reports for purchasing, warehousing, sales, shipping, and tracking. Comprehensive inventory reports track inventory movement in real time, and users can also run inventory adjustment reports, inventory valuation reports, a serial number report, and a forecasting report. Sales reports by customer are available, as are sales reports by product, and vendor order reports. All Advance Pro reports can be exported to Excel for further customization, exported as an RTF file or saved as a PDF.

Advance Pro offers seamless integration with QuickBooks, synching customer, vendor, product, service items, payment terms and other data between the two applications. Other additional modules available include a Web Services/E-Commerce and E-Commerce Integration modules offer complete integration with websites and current e-commerce platforms. And the I-Catalog option allows users to eliminate paper catalogs and move to a time-saving online catalog that allows users to browse at their leisure, with all purchases completely integrated with the core Advance Pro system.

Advance Pro offers a comprehensive knowledgebase, where users can search common issues and resolutions. Advance Pro University offers users an excellent selection of videos and system overviews, that can be accessed at any time. The Advance Pro Customer Care Program provides users with a variety of benefits including unlimited upgrades, feature releases, unlimited technical support, which includes telephone, email, and online support, and training and community support options. Users also receive a discount on training or any related professional services.

Advance Pro Supply Chain Management is a comprehensive inventory and supply chain management application that offers users just about any feature or option that they could possibly need. The core list of features is incredibly strong, and with add-on modules available for cloud access, e-commerce integration, multiple warehouses and multiple companies, it’s everything that’s necessary for the future as well. Pricing plans start at $1,499 for a single user with limited modules, with the comprehensive system starting at around $$8,999.00.

2017 Rating – 5 Stars