2017 Review of inFlow Inventory Software

inFlow Inventory Software


Designed for small businesses including retailers and warehouse and distribution businesses, inFlow offers an on-premise and cloud-based product. The cloud version of inFlow is accessible using a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. A mobile app for Android users offers barcode scanning and product check in and check out options. inFlow offers three editions; Free, Regular, and Premium.

From the 2017 review of Inventory Management systems.

inFlow Inventory can track and manage both inventory levels as well as business assets. The product offers a centralized database that allows users to easily track all products, vendors, customers, and transactions. During setup, users can choose a simple product setup, or a more detailed setup that uses detailed item names and descriptions, including an item number. The product entry screen allows users to enter detailed information, including item name and code, extra information such as barcode and vendor data, as well as unit of measure and even measurement.

inFlow supports multiple locations, and can even track sub-locations if desired. A re-order stock option is available, notifying users when a product is low, and InFlow automatically tracks all product costs if desired. The product supports multiple currencies, and users can easily track serial numbers, transfer stock between locations, adjust inventory as needed, and order items in bulk. The inFlow dashboard offers users detailed information including sales completed, cost of goods sold, outstanding sales orders, number of products to reorder, work orders, and count sheets. To make it easier to track assets, users can customize some of the field names in order to better track asset management, including tracking.

inFlow can scan barcodes, but does not offer the ability to create custom barcodes to use with products. It does offer integration with barcode printing software for those that need to produce barcodes. Users can easily add documents and image attachments to the product file if desired.

inFlow supports both assemblies and kitting and supports multiple pricing levels, with users able to enter a default price, and add additional pricing levels such as retail price, wholesale price, and even a price including tax. Users can also set up special volume pricing levels for any orders that are above a certain threshold. A markup pricing option is also offered in inFlow.

inFlow offers multiple valuation methods, including Moving Average, Manual, LIFO, and FIFO. Users can pick the default valuation method they prefer during product setup.

inFlow offers solid reporting options with a variety of inventory reports available, including an Inventory Summary, Inventory Details Report, Historical Inventory, Estimated Inventory Duration, and Count Sheet Report. Users can create and save custom reports using the My Reports option. A variety of other reports are also available, including Customer, Sales, and Purchasing Reports. Some reports are only available in the Regular and Premium edition of inFlow. All reports can be printed, saved as a PDF, or saved or exported to Excel.

Along with robust inventory management capability, inFlow also includes Sales and Purchasing modules. Users can import and export data such as product, customer, and vendor data via CSV files. The latest version of inFlow offers integration with both Magento and Shopify, so users can easily integrate their online store with their brick and mortar stores as needed. For those not using Magento or Shopify, web orders can be downloaded and imported into inFlow. The product can also double as a point of sale option for retailers that are not handling a high number of sales transactions.

inFlow offers excellent support options for both the on-premise and the cloud version of the product. Users can easily access support options directly from the application by clicking on the question mark at the top of the screen. Support FAQ’s are divided into categories for easy lookup, or users can search the help system by asking a specific question. An active product forum is also available, as are a variety of user videos. The Files and Accessories area is where users can download the product installers as well as custom documents barcode scanners and other items. Located in Toronto, inFlow offers product support during regular business hours, with users able to access support toll-free, via email or chat.

inFlow is designed for small businesses, but the efficiency of the product appeals to larger businesses as well. Available in three editions; the Free edition is great for those wanting to try out the application. The Regular edition has a one-time cost of $399.00, and the Premium edition is $799.00. After the one-time fee, users only pay to renew support annually. Both the Regular and Premium editions offer multi-user capability.

2017 Rating –4.75 Stars