2017 Review of Officewise Inventory Software

Officewise Inventory Software


Officewise Inventory is part of the Officewise Software application that was initially designed to support purchase order creation and processing, and now includes both accounting and inventory functionality as well.  Available in four editions, including a free plan, Officewise is well suited for small to mid-sized businesses..  Officewise currently does not include bill of materials, work orders, or kitting functionality but otherwise can help businesses track and manage their inventory.  Officewise is an online application, so users can access the product from any location with web access.

From the 2017 review of Inventory Management systems.

Officewise offers a fairly basic inventory module.  Users can import product data from other applications that support CSV files, or can simply enter inventory data in the Item data entry screen.  Here users can add a product I.D. and description, with an option to enter a serial number, but for informational purposes only.  Unit cost pricing, and a reorder option can be entered to avoid running out of an item.  Multiple locations are supported in Officewise Inventory, so users can track and maintain inventory for multiple locations.  Officewise offers users the ability to make three types of inventory adjustments; Quantity, Cost, and Transfer.  Inventory adjustments can also be imported from another application if desired. 

Officewise is designed to track regular inventory movement and balances butt currently does not include the ability to scan barcodes or create and print custom barcodes for products.  The product also supports various, custom units of measure, so users can track a variety of item types. Users can easily attach both files and images to a product, purchase order, or sales order record, if desired.  Officewise does not support multiple pricing levels, but users can easily override current pricing when processing a sales order in the application.  This same process can be used when volume pricing is desired for a larger order.

Officewise offers more than 50 system reports, with six inventory specific reports available, including Inventory Valuation Summary, Inventory by Location, Inventory Margin Summary, and Inventory Transaction Detail.  Related reports include Order Detail, Transaction Detail, Sales Orders by Customer and Sales Orders by Date.  All reports created in Officewise can be exported as a CSV file for further customization, or saved as a PDF.

A complete online financial system, Officewise offers complete integration with the Accounting, Purchasing, and Inventory modules.  The product does not offer integration with shopping carts or e-commerce platforms at this time.

Users can access Help functionality from anywhere in Officewise by simply clicking on the question mark in the right corner of the screen.  The Officewise Help Center offers users access to a variety of help tools and resources including a User Guide, Tips, and FAQ’s.  Product support can also be accessed by submitting a request through the Help Center or by calling a toll-free support number.

Officewise is an online product that offers complete accounting, purchase order, and inventory management functionality.   Officewise is best suited for small to mid-sized retailers and other businesses that do not require bills of material, work orders or kitting functionality. The company has many manufacturing customers who use quantity adjustments as a workaround for assembly and manufacturing.  The product is available in four versions, including a free version that supports a single user, and three transactions per month.  The Basic version is $8.95 per month and includes a single user, with the option to add additional users if desired.  The Basic version also includes a custom dashboard, manual approvals, and reports and exporting capability.  The Standard version is currently $ 24.95 per month and includes three users with the option to add additional users, unlimited transactions, and a search/filter option.  The Professional version of Officewise is $39.95 per month and includes five users, the ability to add an unlimited number of users, unlimited transactions, custom user roles, auto approvals, a custom dashboard, reporting and exporting capability, along with tags and budgets and planning features.   

2017 Rating – 4.25 Stars