2017 Overview of SOS Inventory App

SOS Inventory App


SOS Inventory is an inventory, manufacturing, and order management add-on for QuickBooks Online users. SOS Inventory supports multiple warehouses, so users can easily track inventory from any location. Designed as an online product solution, SOS syncs automatically with QuickBooks Online lists and transactions.

From the 2017 review of Inventory Management systems.

Users can track all inventory items by serial number, along with product cost and cost history. SOS Inventory supports inventory transfers between locations, and the product also supports both assemblies and kits, with inventory totals automatically updated as the product is completed. SOS Inventory also contains both Sales and Purchase Order functionality, with inventory movement updated in real time as orders are processed. Users can assign a product category to each item entered, and assign a preferred vendor to each item entered.

Users can also set up an email alert to be notified when stock levels are low. The Pro version of SOS Inventory also offers an automated reorder option, with users able to set the level when reordering is needed. The product tracks both inventory and non-inventory items and users can enter product pricing based on a cost percentage or a simple flat rate.  

SOS Inventory allows users to easily adjust inventory levels when needed, and the product also supports barcode scanning as well as the creation and printing of custom barcodes when necessary.

Reporting options in SOS Inventory are solid, with Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, and Fulfillment reports available. All reports can be exported to Excel or to a CSV file for customization if desired.

Along with seamless integration with QuickBooks Online, SOS Inventory also integrates with UPS Shipping and PayPal.

Well suited for smaller retail businesses as well as small manufacturers, SOS Inventory is available in three editions; Companion, which supports a two-user maximum, and runs $29.00 per month. The Plus edition is $59.00, supports three users and offers multiple location tracking, serial number and lot tracking and barcoding. The Pro edition is $99.00, supports up to five system users and also includes Work-In-Progress capability, as well as landed costs and process manufacturing.