2017 Review of Wasp Barcode Inventory Control

WASP Barcode Inventory Control


WASP Inventory from WASP Barcode Technologies is well suited for small to mid-sized retailers and other businesses that need to track inventory and other assets. Along with its inventory module, WASP also offers barcode functionality, a point of sale application for smaller retailers, and specialized hardware sold as bundles with their software.

From the 2017 review of Inventory Management systems.

WASP Inventory is designed to be installed on a desktop PC, but the product also comes with a mobile license as well.

The WASP Inventory main interface is intuitive, with users able to quickly access the inventory module, along with any other WASP products that are installed. Common tasks can be accessed quickly from the list on the left side of the screen. Adding an inventory item can be done manually, with users able to assign a custom product number to each item, or simply have WASP Inventory assign a number automatically. Users can choose how they wish to track any item, with options to track by serial number, lot number, date, or pallet. Users can also import product data directly into WASP Inventory as well.

Users can assign minimum and maximum inventory levels for each product, and the product also offers 20 user-defined fields that can be used to track additional information about each product. Along with inventory, business owners and service retailers can also track assets, including lending and return dates for each item that needs to be tracked.

Once a product has been added, users can use bar code scanning capability to add additional inventory levels. WASP Inventory Control includes a full version of WASP Labeler, which allows users to easily create custom barcode labels for inventory items.

WASP Inventory allows users to easily add documents, images, and other attachments to any inventory product file, and the product supports both kitting and product assemblies. The product will track list price and sales price as well as product cost. Retailers that utilize WASP Store’s point of sale application will be able to manage multiple price levels and discounts, if necessary.

WASP Inventory includes more than 60 pre-built system reports, including a good variety of inventory reports such as Inventory Add History, Inventory Aging, Inventory Cost Report, and Inventory Detail Report. Other reports available include an Item Summary, Out of Stock Item Report, Overstocked Item Report, and Assembly Details Report along with customer history and demographic reports such as Customer by Postal Code and Customer by State. All WASP Inventory reports can be viewed on screen, printed, or exported via a CSV file for further report customization.

WASP Inventory offers seamless integration with other WASP Barcode Technologies applications, including WASP Barcode, Asset Cloud, WASP Professional Point of Sale, and WASP Time and Attendance. The product also offers excellent integration with a variety of hardware peripherals which are offered by WASP as bundled items, though users can choose the purchase only the software if desired.

Mentioned earlier, WASP does offer a professional point of sale application, but the product does not currently offer direct integration with e-Commerce platforms or shipping vendors.

WASP Inventory offers good help functionality throughout the application, with users able to simply click on the question mark in order to access help tools and resources. The Online Support Center provides users with a completely searchable knowledgebase, as well as access to a series of product tutorials, as well as the Getting Started Training that is available at no cost to new users. Other training options are available, including web-based training and on-site training options. Product support options are available during regular business hours, and include toll-free telephone support as well as the ability to submit a support ticket via the online support center. Chat support is available as well.

WASP Inventory is a comprehensive inventory control application well suited for small to mid-sized businesses that need to manage both inventory and assets. WASP Inventory is available in three editions; Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The product can be purchased in bundles that include a scanning device and barcode printer, or users can opt to purchase the software alone. The Professional edition of WASP Inventory includes five user licenses and one mobile license, and runs $2,695. The bundled Professional edition which includes everything above, plus the scanning device and bar code printer runs $4,495. Unlimited support is included in the price of the product. Separate pricing for the Standard and Enterprise editions of WASP Inventory are also available from the WASP Barcode Technologies website.

2017 Rating – 4.5 Stars