2017 Review of AccuPOS



AccuPOS is a stand-alone point of sale product that integrates with both QuickBooks and Sage financial applications. AccuPOS is well suited for specialty and niche retailers as well as restaurants and bars. AccuPOS offers a variety of versions of its point of sale application that is built specifically for the business at hand, so the restaurant version will be very different from the gift shop version.  

From the Sept. 2017 reviews of Point-of-Sale systems.

AccuPOS can be installed as a desktop application, or users can choose to install the product on an Android tablet or smartphone if desired. AccuPOS does not offer an iOS platform at this time.

The POS main entry screen is well designed for both retailers and restaurants. AccuSERVER, the latest version of the interface is less crowded and more functional, allowing users to easily customize tabs and buttons to streamline the selling experience. Along with custom buttons, the right side of the screen offers a series of function buttons that include returns, sales, cancel, and others, that are defined by the user to suit their needs. AccuPOS handles multiple tender types including cash, credit card, debit card, with users able to define up to 15 tender types when setting up the system.

AccuPOS is a scalable product, with users able to purchase a single location system and simply add locations when necessary. The product easily handles multiple point of sale transactions including the ability to process a quick sale, process a sale for a specific customer, handle returns and credits, process gift card sales, layaways, and reprint a receipt upon request.

AccuPOS is well-suited for touch screen technology, though users have the option to utilize the system on a PC or Android tablet as well. The product also works well with in-counter scanners for quick item check out.

As AccuPOS is designed to work with QuickBooks and Sage products, most customer information will be stored and tracked in the accounting software, rather than in AccuPOS directly. However, users can access any customer data in either of the products directly into AccuPOS during the sales process, if they wish to process a customer-specific sale. Any subsequent customer sales data can be tracked in order to award customer loyalty points for special pricing or price reductions.

The optional AccuCOUNT Inventory system allows users to easily manage and track current inventory levels, check products into inventory, adjust inventory counts and even manage product pricing levels. AccuCOUNT is designed for wireless Android devices, and can also double as a bar code scanner to expedite product check in and adjustments.

AccuPOS offers solid reporting options including the ability to track a complete sales history. Reports available include All Transactions History, Inventory Report, Items Sold Report, and Cancelled Transaction Report. Users can also track items sold by hour and sales by hour in order to pinpoint the busiest times of the day as well as the best sellers for that period of time.

AccuPOS offers easy integration with a variety of point of sale hardware peripherals including cash drawers, magnetic card readers, thermal printers, barcode scanners, touchscreen monitors and in-counter product scanners. AccuPOS offers bundles packages that include both software and hardware, but the product will typically work with most standard hardware products. Users can check with AccuPOS to ensure integration.

AccuPOS is optimally designed for gift shops, niche retailers, and restaurants and bars, and does not currently offer integration with shipping vendors, e-Commerce platforms, or shopping cart software.

AccuPOS offers a variety of help functions to assist users when setting up the system, as well as working to answer any questions that may arise during usage. The AccuPOS Online Support page offers a series of FAQ’s along with general information, both retail and restaurant user manuals, a guide to setting up integration with both QuickBooks and Sage financial products, and a Management Operations manual.

AccuPOS also offers Platinum and Platinum Plus membership, which includes premium access to AccuPOS user resources and a host of additional benefits including unlimited use of the vendor’s 24/7 toll-free telephone support, as well as access to the remote desktop response team. Platinum membership also includes annual software upgrades.

Well-designed for the niche retail market as well as restaurants, cafes, and bars, AccuPOS offers a free 30-day trial that users can download from the website. Pricing for the product can be obtained directly from the vendor and typically starts at under $1,000 for a single user system.

2017 Rating – 4.5 Stars