2017 Review of Celerant Stratus Point-of-Sale

Celerant Stratus


Celerant Stratus is an all-inclusive system designed for retail businesses and those that sell products both in-store and online. The product offers a mobile app that supports both iOS and Android devices, and is platform independent and can be used with Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac operating systems. A hosting service is also available for those that would like to have the product hosted on a server off-site.

From the Sept. 2017 reviews of Point-of-Sale systems.

Along with the POS module, Celerant Stratus also offers Integrated E-Commerce, Integrated Retail CRM, Inventory Management, Fulfillment Processing, Vendor Management, Business Intelligence, Accounting/ERP, POS Security, Warehouse Management and Range Management features.

Celerant Stratus can be customized to suit the needs of a variety of retail and related industries, including apparel, furniture, specialty and gift retail businesses. System navigation is easy, with the product offering an intuitive user interface that is optimally designed for easy system navigation. The POS entry screen is also completely customizable as well.

The POS interface is designed for quick sales processing, with users able to access customer data, process a cash sale, check inventory levels, check pricing, and process both regular and special orders all from the same interface.

Celerant Stratus supports both multiple registers and multiple locations; including the ability to handle inventory levels for multiple warehouses. The product accepts multiple tender types, with users able to create up to 24 separate tender types. Celerant Stratus also accepts both iOS and Android Pay, as well as foreign currency. Users can enter a variety of transaction types directly from the POS interface, including standard sales, customer sales, layaways, special orders, and inventory adjustments.

Users have the option to use a standard monitor or touchscreen monitor when processing sales.  Customer data is easily tracked using the built-in CRM function, with users able to access customer data when processing a sale. Customers can be sent targeted marketing campaigns via email, and the product supports membership buying clubs, private credit cards, and customer loyalty cards so management can easily track customer purchasing preferences, purchase history, and even demographic information for each customer. Celerant Stratus also supports gift registries as well as the use of kiosks.

Celerant Stratus offers an excellent inventory module, with users able to assign up to five different pricing levels for each product. Users can also assign special pricing for various sales and campaigns, assign minimum and maximum stocking levels for each inventory item as well as establish a re-order point for each item. Integration with third party sellers such as Amazon allows retailers to easily outsource order fulfillment. Multi-Warehouse capability allows users to track inventory for each location, and fulfill orders based on stock levels at each location.

Celerant Stratus offers more than 50 standard reports, including a customer history report, product top-sellers, average sales, and an inventory history report. Users can track sales levels by the hour, and a store comparison report allows retailers to see store performance levels. Users can also create ad-hoc reports using Smart Views, which offers instant data filtering and data sorting. Celerant Stratus also includes a built-in Report Builder, as well as a series of dashboard reports and graphics. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel as well as a variety of other formats.

Celerant Stratus is a completely integrated system, with all modules and add-on options designed to integrate. Users can also export data from Celerant Stratus to third-party accounting applications such as QuickBooks, MAS 90/200 and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Integration with the optional e-commerce module offers unlimited product images, product search and filtering, live chat with a customer option, and a loyalty point system. The e-commerce module supports multiple payment options, including PayPal and foreign currency.

Celerant Stratus also integrates with all standard POS hardware peripherals including touch screen and standard monitors, key pads, bar code scanners, employee time clocks, signature capture devices and receipt printers.

Celerant Stratus offers users good help functionality throughout the application. New users need to register on the Celerant website in order to access a variety of training videos and white papers. Users can also register for a demo on the website as well. New users are assigned an implementation team and are completely trained in the application. Product support options vary, with support available during regular business hours.

Celerant Stratus is designed for larger retail businesses with multiple locations. Complete integration with an optional e-commerce module provides complete integration between brick and mortar and web stores, and retailers can easily manage inventory in multiple locations. Celerant Stratus pricing varies and is available upon request.

2017 Rating – 5 Stars