2017 Review of Vend Point of Sale

Vend POS Software


Vend is a good fit for retailers of any size that are looking for a flexible point of sale application. Available in three versions as well as a free version, Vend is designed to work on iPad, Mac, or PC systems, working both online and offline as needed.

From the Sept. 2017 reviews of Point-of-Sale systems.

Designed for simplicity, new users will need little time training to use Vend. The new Sell screen is designed to improve system performance, with users able to search both customers and products from a single user interface. Frequently used functions such as Products, Settings, and eCommerce options are also available from the new Sell screen. For further customization, users can set up Quick Keys or keyboard shortcuts, with the option to rename or recolor keys as desired.

Vend easily accepts a variety of tender types, including cash, checks, credit and debit cards as well as more custom payment types including PayPal and Apple Pay. Users can also accept gift cards for use both in store and online. Multiple transactions can be processed from the point of sale application including sales, refunds, returns, credits, payment splits, and layaways.  

Vend supports both multi-register and multi-location capability, so stores can add a second register to a single location, or create additional locations and add registers to those locations.  The product works well with touch screen monitors and easily supports barcode scanning capability as well.

Mentioned earlier, Vend offers users the ability to offer customers gift cards, and loyalty cards, so retailers can track all customer activity and rewards levels, which can be redeemed when desired.

Inventory management functionality is available in Vend, with users able to track inventory movement in real time using the Inventory Movements View. Users can also adjust inventory levels, handle and track stock returns and manage stock and reordering levels. Inventory data can be entered into Vend manually, or users can import product data from a CSV file.

Retailers can easily track customer information using the central customer database, including purchase history, loyalty and account balances. Users can create customer groups, providing high-tier customers with special sales, targeted emails or special pricing.

Vend offers Small Business reporting in all versions of the product. The Advanced and Multi-Outlet versions offer Advanced Reporting options which include advanced metrics, the retail dashboard, a Low Stock Report, and a Product Performance Report. Other reports available include a Sales Summary, Sales by Customer, Sales by Product, Inventory On-Hand, and All Inventory Levels. A Gift Cards Report is also available. All Vend reports are fully customizable, and users can export all reports to Microsoft Excel or a CSV file for further customization.      

Vend offers a variety of add on modules designed to extend system functionality, including integration with both Xero or QuickBooks Online. Retailers interested in reaching customers via email can utilize the MailSync option and Deputy, a staffing and scheduling program is a great option for busy retailers, coffee shops or restaurants. The product also offers an integrated ecommerce app that allows users to create an online store to sync with their brick and mortar location.

Vend integrates with most point of sale hardware peripherals, and the product offers bundles, which provide both software and hardware necessities that include a printer, cash drawer, and required cables. Vend also integrates with receipt printers, barcode scanners, and label printers.

Vend offers users a variety of resources, including various product guides, implementation guidance, videos, and interactive courses. Vend U offers on-demand courses and training webinars. Priority support is included in the Multi-Outlet version of Vend, and is available for an additional $19.00 for those using other versions. Vend offers product support 24/7, with support centers located in the U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., and New Zealand. Along with telephone support, users can access support via live chat or email.

Vend is a scalable, easily navigated point of sale application that is available in three versions, as well as a free version which can be downloaded immediately. The Starter version of Vend is $69.00 per month and supports a single location, one register, three users, and unlimited products. The Advanced version is $79.00 per month, supports a single location, unlimited users and products. The Advanced version also includes gift cards and loyalty cards, advanced reporting and integration with ecommerce platforms. Finally, the Multi-Outlet version supports multiple outlets, with up to two registers per outlet, along with a centralized customer database, multi-outlet inventory, and priority phone support. A custom Enterprise plan is also available that is custom designed for the needs of any retail business.  

2017 Rating – 4.75 Stars