2017 Review of Wasp Barcode QuickStore Point of Sale

Wasp Barcode – QuickStore Point of Sale


Along with its barcode scanning and inventory control applications, WASP also offers a Point of Sale application designed for the small retail business. QuickStore Point of Sale offers three versions; Standard, Professional, and Enterprise, with users able to easily scale up if needed. QuickStore is not suitable for restaurants or grocery stores.

From the Sept. 2017 reviews of Point-of-Sale systems.

QuickStore uses an easily navigated interface, with users able to access all point of sale and related functions quickly. Icons offer quick access to sales processing functions such as New Sale, Item, Customer, P.O, Orders, and Clock. Products can be quickly scanned, or users can enter items using a product number. Users can look up both customer and product details from the sales screen as well.

The Enterprise version of QuickStore supports both multi-store customer tracking and multi-store inventory control and contains polling technology that will automatically pull daily sales information from each location directly into the designated main system.   All versions of QuickStore accept multiple tender types, including cash, checks, and credit cards, and users can easily setup an unlimited number of tender types during product setup. Multiple tender types can also be accepted for a single transaction if necessary. QuickStore also handles multiple transaction types, including special orders, returns, layaways, gift cards and customer quotes.

Users can opt to use a standard computer monitor or a touch screen monitor, with users able to choose their desired input method during product setup. QuickStore also offers solid customer tracking and management capability, with users able to monitor and track customer demographics, billing information, credit card information, credit instructions such as credit limits, as well as maintain special pricing levels and discounts for each customer in the system. QuickStore offers excellent inventory management capability, with users able to create automatic purchase orders on low stock items, Manage inventory levels with automatic purchase orders for items below reorder levels. Users can also receive merchandise directly into inventory by scanning the UPC code. Up to five different pricing levels can be assigned to each inventory product, and using WASP Barcode applications, users can create custom barcode labels for all inventory items.

QuickStore offers reporting options in five categories; Sales, Inventory, Customer, Lists, and Other. Daily sales reports are available to track cashier activity, and a solid selection of inventory reports such as Inventory Summary, Inventory Aging, and Top 40 Items help retailers manage inventory levels and sales activity pro-actively. QuickStore also contains time clock functionality, with each shift producing a detailed shift hour detail report, as well as an accounting of overtime hours worked and a comprehensive list of all transactions that were entered on that particular shift.

Along with QuickStore POS, Wasp Barcode Technologies offers inventory control, time & attendance, asset management and bar code technology applications, with all products integrating seamlessly. An optional shipping interface is also available that integrates QuickStore POS with UPS.   And while QuickStore can be purchased with all hardware peripherals included, users can also items such as barcode printers and scanners, labels and keyboards separately.

QuickStore POS offers solid help functionality throughout the application, providing users with a variety of quick tutorials that designed to guide users through the system setup process. The Wasp website also offers a series of on-demand webinars and getting started videos on a variety of topics. A searchable knowledgebase is available from the website, and users can also access product downloads from this location as well.

QuickStore’s Technical Support hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central Time. Users can access support via email from the Wasp support center or via chat. Toll free telephone support is also available.  

QuickStore is designed for a variety of retail niche markets including apparel, jewelry, gift shops, sporting goods, and service retailers such as salons, and would work best with a smaller retail business. Available in three versions; QuickStore is scalable, with users able to easily upgrade to a more robust version if desired. The bundled version of QuickStore Professional is $1,995.00 and includes one Checkout Lane License, Point of Sale Shoe, Cash Drawer, Pole Display with Cable, Barcode Scanner with USB Cable, Autosense Stand, Thermal Receipt Printer with USB Cable, Power Supply, POS Keyboard with Magstripe Reader, USB Hub and a one-year maintenance subscription which includes unlimited technical support.

2017 Rating – 4.5 Stars