2017 Review of CCH Site Builder

CCH Site Builder

Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting


From the 2017 review of Website Builders for Accounting Firms.

Offering seamless integration with other CCH Axcess applications, CCH Site Builder is best suited for accounting firms that currently or plan to use Wolters Kluwer applications.  In addition, integration with CCH Axcess Portal allows firms to embed portal functionality directly into their website. 

Designed for simplicity, creating a website is a painless process when using CCH Site Builder.  The application offers a variety of templates for users to choose from, with users able to also add custom headers, footers, background, and custom logos to the website.  Once users choose the website style, they can completely customize that style to suit their needs.  The CCH Site Builder setup process takes users through each of the default pages that are included in the website.  The flexibility of the setup process also allows firms to quickly customize important data such as firm information and available services, and customize other pages later.  

CCH Site Builder offers an excellent selection of standard web pages, including a Client Services Page, Information Center Page, Newsletter Page, Financial Tools Page, a Links Page, and a Contact/Information Page.  Aside from the default pages, other options available include a Client Tax Organizer, an Events Calendar, and an IRS Forms Link.  Premium content is also available at an additional cost, including a Financial Planning Toolkit, the CCH Tax Guide, and a Business Owners Toolkit. 

CCH Site Builder offers an extensive selection of content relevant to accounting firms and clients.  A newsletter is also available, with users able to customize content to reflect the needs of the firm, while also targeting specific client interests.  There are also hundreds of accounting and tax related articles that users can choose to include in their monthly newsletter.  The product also offers more than 100 financial calculators, including mortgage calculations, estate tax planning tax estimates, and numerous others.  Users can simply go through the list of calculators available, checking off the ones that they wish to include. 

CCH Site Builder offers free domain hosting, with firms able to use a custom domain name.  Five email accounts are included with the product, with users able to purchase additional email addresses if necessary. 

Users can create their website in-house, making changes, additions, and edits as needed.  The setup process guides users through the website creation process, where users can easily upload a custom logo or other materials for firm branding.  For firms that desire a more custom website, CCH Site Builder offers specialized website design services.  Firms that wish to use these custom services can contact Wolters Kluwerdirectly for a quote.

CCH Site Builder also offers easy social media options, with users able to choose the social media options they wish to connect to during the setup process.  The application integrates with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  SEO configuration is also included in the CCH Site Builder subscription, and users can purchase premium SEO consulting options if they wish.  CCH Site Builder also integrates with Google Analytics, providing valuable information and statistics to users. 

CCH Site Builder also offers other integrated options for firm websites, including the ability to accept online payments using PayPal.    Integration with the CCH Axcess Portal enables users to securely share files with clients.  The FileShare option allows users to both upload and store documents, files and spreadsheets.  Also available is an email marketing tool that allows firms to create and manage email lists in-house, simplifying the task of mailing out notifications and newsletters. 

CCH Site Builder offers good product support during extended business hours, with toll free support available from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM Central Time.  Users can also contact support via email, with a 24-48-hour turnaround time.   Users are provided with a good selection of tools to simplify the website creation process, with a website wizard available to walk new users through the initial website creation process, which users can later edit or leave as is.  Product demos and an introductory video are available on the CCH Site Builder website as well. 

CCH Site Builder is an excellent option for small to mid-sized accounting firms that are currently or planning to use other Wolters Kluwer applications.  Though CCH Site Builder can be used as a stand-alone application, it offers additional functionality when used in conjunction with other related products.  A 30-day trial is available for those interested in trying the application prior to purchasing.  CCH Site Builder is available for $995.00 annually, with users able to subscribe to additional services from Wolters Kluwer at an additional cost.


2017 Rating 4.75 stars