2017 Review of CPASites.com



From the 2017 review of Website Builders for Accounting Firms.

CPAsites is well suited for accounting firms of just about any size that are looking to outsource both website design and maintenance.

CPAsites offers a built-from-scratch website designed specifically for accounting firms. Each site is custom designed with no two sites alike. There are four subscription levels available for firms to choose from. The Platinum level subscription service includes seven different options which include the following:

  1. A newsletter written solely by CPAs
  2. A resource section with useful links and tax rates
  3. Financial calculators
  4. Search engine optimization
  5. A secure client portal
  6. One hour of website editing each month
  7. A newsletter that is exclusive in a particular geographic area

The Gold level subscription plan includes numbers 1-5 listed above, the Silver level includes numbers 1-4 above, and the Bronze level subscription offers a choice of one of the options listed above.

All CPAsites websites are created from scratch, as the product uses no templates during the creation process. Once a firm signs up on the CPAsites website, they will need to provide web designers with the firm logo, company brochures or other company marketing materials, staff bios, staff and partner profiles, and a list of services offered by the firm. Firms can also provide CPAsites with links to sample websites that they like.

Once the necessary information has been sent to CPAsites, designers will create a construction page that firms can review. This is typically completed within 5 to 10 days of receiving the materials. Users can also request a faster turnaround time, if desired.

Once completed, firms can then review the construction site for errors and provide any additions, corrections, or edits to CPAsites. If the firm does not like the website design, CPAsites will simply trash the design and begin again.

While users are able to make minor edits, such as adding additional pages or graphics, any major changes or edits will be completed by CPAsites. While the majority of requested changes can be made quickly, and are included in the subscription, any changes that require more than one hour of the designer’s work will be billed to the accounting firm at $50.00 per hour.

For firms that wish to take advantage of the services provided by CPAsites but already have a website that they like, they can choose CPAsites to simply host the site; giving them access to the subscription benefits.

A one-year contract is required, since CPAsites are creating a custom website for each firm requesting its services. After the initial contract expires, the website belongs to the firm, although premium content such as newsletters, custom articles, and financial calculators are owned by CPAsites and cannot be transferred to another site.

CPAsites also offers a secure client portal that allows both firms and clients to share files safely and securely. Clients are provided with a unique user name and password to access the portal files. All files are encrypted while stored or during transit. Additional resources available include links to federal and related state tax forms, as well as a tax calendar, and details on current tax rates including mileage reimbursement rates.

In addition to tax resources, CPAsites offers a variety financial and tax calculators that firms can completely customize to reflect their firm’s brand. The calculators are on the website, so users will not need to leave the firm website in order to access the calculators.

CPAsites easily links to social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Not a do-it-yourself site, CPAsites offers users a completely customized website, with the vendor handling all website creation and subsequent changes, additions and edits. Content is updated on a regular basis, so websites always look fresh and not dated.

An ideal solution for firms of just about any size that wish to outsource website creation and maintenance, CPAsites offers four subscriptions levels for users to choose from. The Platinum level provides complete website management services, and is available for $150 per month. The Gold level subscription is $85 per month, the Silver level is $50 per month, and the bronze level is $300 per year. With flexible subscription options, and a custom design for every website created, CPAsites is an excellent solution for the firm that wants to stand out from the crowd at a reasonable price.

 2017 Rating: 4.75 Stars