2017 Review of GetNetSet Websites for Accounting Firms

GetNetSet Websites for Accounting Firms


From the 2017 review of Website Builders for Accounting Firms.

GetNetSet is best suited for small to mid-sized accounting firms that are in the market for off-site website creation and management, but are also open to performing some edits in-house. GetNetSet is available in three versions, making it a scalable solution as well.

For the smallest accounting firms, the Representer version is the best option, including up to seven website pages. However, the Representer version does not include a client portal or any dedicated email addresses. The Retainer version offers firms an unlimited number of webpages and does include a client portal, as well as an online payment option. Firms using the Retainer version will be receive 10 dedicated email addresses. The robust Recruiter version offers all of the features typically found in the Retainer version along with expanded storage options, and better SEO resources.

Designed specifically for accounting firms, GetNetSet offers complete web design, with all design services completed by GetNetSet. To start the design process, firms will need to select a template that will serve as the basis for the design. To complete the design, each accounting firm is assigned a ‘Guardian Webmaster’ that becomes the go-to person for creation of the firm’s website. The initial design is typically ready in 2-3 days. Once the initial design is completed, users can review and send edits back to their webmaster. Users can also opt to make changes themselves if desired, using the editing tools that are included in the product. A product dashboard provides easy access to a pages option that allows users to easily access the page or pages that they wish to edit. Users can also make edits directly from Word documents, or link to other website pages or upload new images as desired.

Accounting firms can choose from over 75 templates for their initial website design. Not used as the actual design, the template serves as a blueprint of sorts for GetNetSet design personnel to utilize when creating the final website

Conveniently, page layouts can be changed as desired, and all GetNetSet websites support animation and videos. For accounting firms that desire more custom content on their website, GetNetSet also offers optional custom writing services, with prices ranging from 0.072 per word for general writing to .30 per word for professional writers who are verified financial experts.

Although not available in the basic Representer version, there are over 100 financial calculators available in both the Retainer and Recruiter versions of GetNetSet. Firms are also provided with a newsletter that can be automatically updated and placed on their website, and later shared with clients. Easy access to other client resources such as IRS publications and forms, a tax center and access to current tax rates are also conveniently available to clients via the website.

Every version of GetNetSet contains SEO capability, with users able to easily submit their site to major search engines. The product also integrates with Google Analytics. The Retainer and Recruiter editions offer more comprehensive SEO tools, such as Personal SEO Analysis, Monthly Search Reports, Google Places Optimization, Top Search Queries, and Google AdWords capability. GetNetSet also offers integration with email marketing applications such as Constant Contact and iContact. The product also links to social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Along with custom web design, GetNetSet also offers other features such as the ability to accept online payments through PayPal or by integration with iTransact. The product also offers blog capability, integrating easily with WordPress. Also available is a client portal where firms can easily share documents with clients. Users can also offer electronic signature capability through

Well suited for small to mid-sized accounting firms, GetNetSet is available in three editions, Representer, which is a good fit for even the smallest firm, and is available for $29.00 per month. Larger firms with more robust needs can choose between the Retainer and the Recruiter versions, which are available at $49.00 (Retainer) and $99.00 (Recruiter) respectively. All versions of GetNetSet offer a free 30-day trial, so those interested in the product can try it out prior to purchasing. No contract or setup fees are required.  

 2017 Rating: 5 Stras