2017 Review of Integer Accounting & Tax Websites




From the 2017 review of Website Builders for Accounting Firms.

Formerly Accounting and Financial Site Builder (AFSB), the product has been recently rebranded as Integer. Still a good option for small to mid-sized accounting firms, Integer has acquired a brand-new look, easier navigation, and enhanced security options.  

As part of Tenenz, Integer has been offering website creation options to accounting firms for over 16 years. With an updated brand and plans for expansion, Integer can be an especially good fit for the smaller accounting firm. Scalable, Integer offers two product versions; the Starter version, which offers 12 accounting and tax templates, and the Professional version, which offers over 125 templates. Firms can easily move up to the more robust version of Integer if necessary.

Integer includes a number of default pages that are included in each website design, including Home, Services, Financial Calculators, Newsletters, Links, About Us, Contact Us, and Make a Payment. All of these options can be customized by the accounting firm to best reflect their needs.  

Integer offers a good selection of automated content for accounting firms, including a client newsletter, which can be published on the website monthly. Content can be customized to better suit the firm’s clientele, and an automated subscriber list helps to manage newsletter subscriptions. More than 50 tools and calculators are available to offer clients, including a Cash Flow Calculator, Mortgage Qualifier, Mortgage Loan Calculator, Loan Comparison Calculator, Working Capital Needs, Business Valuation, ARM versus Fixed Rate Mortgage,1040 Tax Calculator, Earned Income Credit (EIC) Calculator, Estate Tax Planner, Roth vs. Traditional IRA, Retirement Shortfall, Credit Assessment, Home Budget Analysis, Student Budget, Net Worth, Savings and Investments, Savings Calculator, and Vehicle Financing calculator tools, along with others.

All Integer subscribers receive a free domain name as part of the service, or users can simply connect their current or existing domain directly to the website. All firms receive up to 20 email accounts that include the firm domain in the email address. Users can also opt to forward emails to an existing email address, if desired.

Integer offers easy content editing capability, using the content editor, which does not require any custom formatting skills. A Site Wizard is available that guides users through the customization process, including the ability to choose site appearance and page content options as well as client management options that will be placed on the website. Firms can change templates at any time, or add additional pages to the website as they desire. Custom graphics can also be added to any web page, and Integer offers more than 200 professional images that can be used at no cost on any website created. Video options are also supported as well.  

Integer also offers custom-built web design, with custom service fees charged in addition to the regular monthly subscription.

Integer offers users a series of SEO optimization tips, along with some online marketing tips. Along with the do-it-yourself website building capability, the Professional edition of Integer also includes an integrated payment option, so users can make a payment to your firm directly from the website using PayPal. A secure file sharing option is also available that allows firms to share files with clients with no file size restrictions and the ability to support any file type.

Users can easily access product support from the Integer member area. The support center offers a variety of tools that can be utilized when beginning the website design process. Users can also easily access images from the support area as well. A series of FAQ’s and a variety of online tutorials are available as well. Technical support is also available via email, directly from the support center, and a new chat option is available as well.

Professional edition users of Integer receive a 15 percent discount on all Tenenz products including tax return folders, stationery, marketing materials, and tax supplies such as W-2’s and 1099’s.

Designed with the small to mid-sized firm in mind, the newly branded Integer (formerly Accounting and Financial Site Builder) from Tenenz offers a variety of options sure to suit accounting firms. A Starter version of Integer is available for $4.99 per month and offers limited capability. The Professional version of Integer is $25.99 per month, billed annually, or $32.99 billed monthly. Integer offers a free, 60-day trial, so users can try out the system prior to purchasing.

2017 Rating – 4.5 Stars