2017 Review of Cloudvara




From the 2017 reviews of Hosting Providers for accounting firms.

Cloudvara is best suited for small businesses and accounting firms that only have a few applications that they wish to have hosted. Though Cloudvara specializes in QuickBooks hosting, it also offers legal, accounting, and tax software hosting as well. Cloudvara offers QuickBooks and other application hosting to businesses world-wide. The company currently guarantees a 99.5 % uptime, with company servers located in a major data center in the U.S. The product offers state of the art security, with multiple data centers built to conform to industry standards, including SOC reporting, ISO certifications, along with both HIPAA and PCI compliance. For additional protection, Cloudvara also offers daily system backups, hardware firewalls, and anti-virus protection.

While Cloudvara is better suited for smaller firms and businesses, it can accommodate an unlimited number of users. Cloudvara also supports dual system users, with managers and administrators able to assign system access for each authorized user.  

Cloudvara uses a link that is emailed to users upon sign up. Users just need to save the link to their desktop and click on the server connector that is displayed on the desktop. The RDG Connector will be displayed on the user’s current desktop system and serve as the access point to the virtual server. Navigated as a standard desktop, the virtual server will display icons for all of the applications which are currently being hosted by Cloudvara. Users only need click on the application they desire to have complete access to that application.

Users will need to have a license for the software prior to having it hosted by Cloudvara. Accessibility is quick, with users able to access the virtual server within a day of signing up for the service. The virtual server can also be easily accessed from iPhones, iPads, or Android smart phones or tablets.

Though QuickBooks hosting specialists, Cloudvara also hosts other applications including Sage 50, Sage 100, and Sage 300, Act CRM, Drake Tax, FileMaker Pro, Fishbowl Inventory, Goldmine CRM, Inflow, Microsoft Office ProSeries, and Lacerte Tax. An add-on package is also available that includes Bill.com, SmartVault.com, and Tallie sync capability. Cloudvara can also host additional applications at the request of the business.

Cloudvara offers 24/7 email and chat support, with support handled by both the main office in Newport Beach, California, as well as an office in New Delhi. The company guarantees a 24 hour turnaround on all support issues. Toll free telephone support is also available around the clock. Support options on the website are limited to a series of FAQ’s as well as a brief video that provides step by step instructions for accessing the virtual server

Cloudvara is well suited for smaller accounting firms, legal firms, and other small business owners that want the convenience of QuickBooks hosting at an affordable price. Cloudvara hosts all desktop versions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Canada, along with other applications such as Microsoft Office. Legal applications such as Abacus Law, PC Law, and ProLaw can be hosted as can tax applications such as Drake Tax, ProSeries, and Lacerte Tax. Cloudvara currently runs $49.00 per user per month, and supports an unlimited number of users. 24/7 support, the Intuit hosting fee and redundant business data, as well as a dedicated server are included in the monthly cost. Additional applications hosted run $10.00 per user per month. No contracts are needed with users paying month to month. A 15-day free trial is available from the Cloudvara website to download if desired.                                                                                                                                                   

2017 Rating 4.5 Stars