2017 Review of EMERGE App



From the 2017 review of Inventory Management systems.

EMERGE is an inventory management app that also offers sales order, purchase order and basic accounting functionality. EMERGE offers multi-currency functionality, making it a good solution for smaller retail businesses that sell to a global market. Along with retail markets, EMERGE would fit well with restaurant and pharmaceutical sellers and distributors.

Immediately upon signing up, users are guided through the setup process, with EMERGE offering a step-by-step training option that takes around 15 minutes. Users can skip through the training option at any time, or choose to skip the training altogether and go directly to the app.

Once subscribed, EMERGE users can easily invite colleagues and co-workers to join by entering their email, user name, and their assigned role.

To speed up the setup process, users can import customer, supplier, and product lists from other applications using a CSV file. Once the setup process is complete, users can return to the dashboard, which serves as the central navigation point for the app. The dashboard offers quick access to all system functions, which are listed in a vertical menu on the left side of the screen, with a sales graph and to-do task list available on the dashboard as well.

When setting up a new product, users simply enter product information, the product cost (from the supplier) and the list price for the product. One of the best features in EMERGE is the ability to create multiple price lists for a product, with each list assigned its own validity date, so users can create a special price list for the holidays for example, add the dates those prices are in effect, and save it in EMERGE, which will automatically use the pricing specified in the list for those dates, allowing users to easily plan sales and promotions months in advance.

Inventory levels are updated in real time, so once a sales order or purchase order has been processed, the inventory levels will adjust accordingly. When a product is low, EMERGE will automatically prompt the user to order additional quantities. EMERGE also supports multiple warehouses, with users able to transfer stock between locations when necessary. Another great feature is the ability to add expiration dates to certain products, a good option for those in the pharmaceutical or food industries.

EMERGE offers bar code scanning capability with the product supporting both USB or Blue Tooth scanning devices.

Reporting options are limited to a Sales Report, a Purchasing Report, an Inventory List, Inventory Movement, and a Stock Reorder Report, along with two general accounting reports. The product also offers an in-depth stock quantity option, with users able to view physical inventory, inventory levels after any pending sales orders, and inventory levels after any outstanding purchase orders.

EMERGE offers excellent help functionality directly from the application, and users also have access to a robust set of FAQ’s. The product currently integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, and Magento, and is expected to offer integration with shipping products such as UPS and Federal Express in the near future.

A solid, affordable solution for retailers and web-sellers, EMERGE offers a free version of the product for single-user retail businesses that process a very limited number of sales orders (10) each month. Those that opt for the regular version of the product, or second users in a business can choose monthly billing – which runs $29.90 per user, per month; quarterly billing, which runs $28.50 per user, per month; semi-annual billing, which is 27.00 per user, per month; or yearly billing, which is $24.00 per user, per month. A free trial of the product is available to try out from the EMERGE website for those interested.

2017 Rating: 4.5 Stars