2017 Review of Bill4Time

From the 2017 reviews of Time Management systems.

Bill4Time is an automated accounting and bookkeeping application that contains solid time and billing functionality. Bill4Time is well suited for small to mid-sized businesses that are looking for a solid financial management solution.

Along with time and expense tracking, billing & invoicing, Bill4Time offers accounting and client management capability and document management capability. The product also offers a QuickBooks Connector, which allows users to import data from Bill4Time directly into QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.

Bill4Time is a cloud based application, with a desktop widget available that allows users to utilize the application even when they’re not online. The application can also be used with a variety of mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices, with users able to access all major functions from their mobile device. Users can use the application on their mobile device at any time, with information later synching with Bill4Time once a connection is available.



Bill4Time includes a simple to use interface with quick access to options for entering time and expenses. Users can enter all time using the New Time Entry screen, which provides options to enter time manually or start the timer that is available at the top of the screen. There is also an option to enter expenses as well, using the New Expense Entry screen. When using the expense reporting option, users can easily snap a photo of a receipt or other document and sync it with the related expense entry. New clients and projects can be entered on the fly, and notes can be easily added to each time or expense entry as desired. For users that wish to process a large number of time entries, such as for clients that are billed on a recurring basis, a batch time entry system can be utilized.  

Users can easily create custom invoices with Bill4Time. The system automatically creates a Pre-bill, which users can easily edit, or save as a PDF. Once the Pre-bill has been approved, users simply finalize the bill. Users can choose to bill individual clients, choose a specific date range, or create a batch of invoices. An invoice template is included in Bill4Time, which users can fully customize, adding a company logo along with any other details desired. The invoicing function also allows users to override default billing rates, and include both hourly and flat rate fees in a single invoice. Users can also create statements for clients as well, with the ability to add payment terms, currency options, and late fees if desired. Users can also opt to allow clients to access their invoices and statements via the client portal, which also offers secure online payment options as well.

The Reports function in Bill4Time offers a variety of reports, that are categorized by type. Users can easily bookmark reports and assign favorite status to reports that are processed on a recurring basis. There are a variety of management reports that are available, including the Client Project Creation report, which tracks all clients and projects for a specified period of time. Also available is the Monthly Productivity report, which allows managers to see a summary of all billable and non-billable hours for all staff. There is also a Project Details report, a Time Entry report, and a Client User Rate report. All reports can be printed, exported to Microsoft Excel, or saved as a PDF.

Currently, Bill4Time offers integration with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

Bill4Time users have access to the Bill4Time Support page, which offers access to the Help Center, a product training channel, on-demand webinars, and training manuals, which can be downloaded if desired. There is also a variety of short videos online that offer instruction in a variety of areas.  Product support is included in the pricing for all available plans, and includes toll-free telephone support, along with email and live chat options as well. There is also a premium support option available for those purchasing the Enterprise plan, including custom templates and priority service options.

Bill4Time offers solid time tracking and billing functionality, along with other features such as document management, accounting, and client management capability. Bill4Time offers three plans; Solo, that has a two-user limit and basic features, which starts at $15.00 per month for the first user, and $10.00 per month for the second user. The Pro plan starts at $30.00 per month and supports unlimited users at $10.00 per user, per month. Finally, the Enterprise plan is $75.00 per month, with each additional user $20.00 per month, and offers extended system functionality including data import, custom invoice templates and custom reporting. A 30-day free trial is available as well.

2017 Rating – 4.75 Stars